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How your career can make you a better mom?

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Budur Latif

on 17 May 2014

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Transcript of How your career can make you a better mom?

1- Being a women doesn't mean you live a life deferred onto the next generation.
Usually financial
2- Researches of kids with a working mom and a mom at home
4. Do as I do not as I say.
More details

5. Financial or parenting decision?
3- Some women believe that their mothers' jobs improve their lives.

Some mothers work to show to their daughters that the work for a mother is not impossible.

"Having your own source of income gives you options, and gives you leverage in a relationship that you don’t otherwise have,"
Time online
Saturday, May 10, 2014
Charlotte Alter
A call from Charlotte's mother
Main Idea
Did we were grateful and respect our mothers' career?
Our childhood

The author wrote this article
when she received a call
from her mother,and she
said:" I askd for a promotion
for the first time in my life"

“I did it for you and your sister,” she said. “So you’d know you could do it too.”
How Your Career Can Make You a Better Mom?
New Vocabulary
1- Career.
2- promotion
3- deferred
4- Anxiety
5- neglected
6- In a hushed tone
My opinion
I completely agree with her:
*Working mothers have more knowledge.

*Their child are successful and
they have ambitions .

*Mothers work hard at home with kids and the family, so when she decide to find a job out side that will make her and her family stronger and they will love the challenges.
A gift to our mothers
1-you are a mother and have a job at the same time, have you thought about quitting your job to take care of your children?

2- Do you think your job can make you a better mom? How?

3-Do you want your daughter to work if she became a mother?

4-does your career affect your children positively or negatively?

Working mothers' kids
1- Do you think your mother should work? Why?

2- Does your mother's career make her a better mom? How?

3- Do you support any mother to find a job?

4- You are (son\daughter) when you were a child. How was your feeling about your mother's job?

Questions of my Interview with working mothers and some kids.
Working Mothers
Don't forget to thank your mother

Budur Alsaleem
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