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A failed utpoian community experiment.

Noah Dunaj

on 4 October 2012

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Transcript of Fruitlands

The Failed Utopia Fruitlands The Fruitlanders regime was to keep life simple. They restricted their diet to only include raw fruits and vegetables. However, they did eat cooked potatoes. They washed in cold water and used no spices. The Fruitlanders didn't use tobacco or alcohol and didn't use animal products in their clothes, so they wore linen. These restrictions would eventually lead them to their demise.
This is like in The Giver because in The Giver the citizens put the restrictions of not lying and sharing their feelings every night on themselves. Who founded this "Utopia"? Part of the reason the community failed was because the people refused to wear anything other than linen and they became cold in the winter. Another reason is that they didn't harvest their crops at the right time, while the leaders of the community were away trying to attract new members for the community. So Mrs. Alcott was stuck with the children to farm the crops. Why did the community FAIL? What was Fruitlands? Fruitlands was a Utopia that was founded on June 1, 1843 and lasted not even a year. The experimental community ended in January of 1844. The people of Fruitlands were trying to live simply and celebrate a connection with nature. They believed in human perfectibility. The Fruitlanders also belived that if you could orient yourself correctly to the material world around you that you would also become perfect. Bronson Alcott, a teacher and thinker at an experimental school, and Lane and Henry Wright founded this Utopia. They used Lanes money to fund Fruitlands. Along with these founders there were some troubled individuals who were also part of this Utopia. Fruitlands is like The Giver because to most people wanting to be part of a Utopia seems weird, but to themselves they are perfectly normal. What restrictions did the Fruitlanders put upon themselves? The End Why was Fruitlands founded? Fruitlands was founded on the idea of a spin off of Transcendentalism. The responsibilities of people in this community were different from ours because of the fact that the children in this community were in charge of harvesting the crops out of the nine acres of land that made up Fruitlands. The people of Fruitlands ate raw fruits and vegetables and wear linen to keep their lives simpler. They believed that a simple life was a happy life, instead of a materialistic life. They also didn't have a form of government or a set of laws to follow. They believed that the more materialistic you are, the less perfect you will be. This is very unlike modern United States in the fact that we are very materialistic and do not live in a simple manor. This is unlike The Giver because that community has a very strict set of laws and are very organized, not making things up as they go and only lasting for eight months like Fruitlands. This also relates to The Giver because they lived very simply and didn't want very much in Fruitlands and the same thing in The Giver.
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