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Star Of David/ Passover RQ Small Michael Moscoso

RQ Small Michael moscoso Lang Arts Project

Rohan Small

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of Star Of David/ Passover RQ Small Michael Moscoso

Star of David Passover Important Jewish symbol Important Jewish feast The Star of David is a very important Jewish symbol. It was named after King David, the original King of Israel. The Star was not originally made for Jews. It was made
as a symbol of protection, like the Swastika before the Nazis
used it as their own symbol of strength and power.
Citations Passover is a Jewish holiday that celebrates the release of Jewish slaves and prisonsers from Egypt. There are many different rituals that have to be performed. One of these is the burning of chametz, which is any leavened product, such as bread. Jews cannot even own chamentz. One of these or some type of badge must be worn
for anyone in a concentration camp, or even in public.
It represented their race and beliefs and what they are. RQ Small and Michael Moscoso
Passover and The Star of David A Nazi Concentration Camp Badge The Nazi Swastika Matzoh - an unleavened bread product
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