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Art & Architecture

No description

Falah Khokhar

on 29 September 2015

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Transcript of Art & Architecture

Art & Architecture
Drama & Theater
Well Known People
Visual Arts
Architecture and Interior Design
Roman Republican
Well Known Works
Common Designs
Drama's First Instigation
Overall Influences
what art represented
origins of roman art
Different forms of art

the base of roman architecure
the colosseum
originally believed to have been influenced by Etruscan art
around 300BCE did Rome start to feel the influence of art and come to like greek art through trading.
it was only around 200BCE did Rome have a strong civilization that they began to create their own culture and art, but having been trading for greek art and being greatly influenced by it, they began imitating greek art as their own.
even though Rome was imitating greek art, they viewed it in different ways:

they made there sculptures to look more realistic rather than perfect/ideal

they had a passion for landscape wall paintings, something the greeks had very little interest in.

they excelled in mosaics, an art style from Greece that would use many small tiles and cement to make large paintings, but the greeks also had little interest in it

they painted scenes of battles on vases to tell stories, unlike the greeks who would only paint complex designs on vases for decoration.
multiple choice:
1) How many people can fit in the Coliseum
a) 45,000 b) 5000 c) 50000

2)What forms of art were most unique to Rome and not based on other civilizations?
a- sculptures b-wall paintings c-mosaics d-vases

fill in the blanks:
1) The Coliseum was built by Emperor ________ as a gift to the Roman people

2) Concrete is made out of mixing ____,____,_____

3)Roman sculptures were made to look more ________ than Greek sculptures who were made to show the perfect or ideal person.

4)________are a form of art that uses thousands of small square_______of different colours to make one large picture that is put together using concrete.

although Rome derived most major art styles from greek art (sculptures, paintings and mosaics) they had their own unique minor art forms, such as jewelry, rings, stained glass, coins, detailed armor, frescoes, rugs that they would decorate in their own styles.
Discussion Questions
1. Do u think Roman architecture influenced or has an effect on modern day architecture?
2. To what extent do you think drama & theater was used in propaganda. It's effectiveness?


video from: www.youtube.com/watch?v=pPYpPo_V41Y
roman art represented a variety of things, that each art form is made to portray, like: wealth, power, triumph, everyday life, stories/myths, loss, passion and so on...
the most important forms of art being statues and paintings

wall paintings
minor art work
Wall paintings represented historical events, simple scenes, mythology and history, while commonly showing a sense of power. Although being the second most important art, wall paintings were a great way to tell stories and to recreate images to act as a reminder.
The Severan Tondo is a great example of painting with a story
this wall painting was originally painted to portray unity of an emperor and his family, using the matching crowns as a symbol but was then believed to tell the story of the younger brother murdering his brother to gain the throne, that is why one of the brothers face was latter erased.
statues were, without a doubt, the greatest form of Roman art, usually modeled after historical and political leaders of the era. During their creation, the statues were often made to represent power, leader ship, triumph, but always keeping an aspect of realism to encourage citizens to strive for those characteristics.
Augustus of Prima Porta
this statue of Augustus is a great example because it show that he was a powerful leader represented by his expensive clothe, his detailed facial expression shows that he was a calm and assured person and the child looking up to him representing that he cared for the people.
Aside from their most common artistic practices, the Romans also created art of a more minor effect. They created works from glass, designed vases, crafted jewelry, made detailed coins and armors. these minor works would almost always only be used as luxury for wealthier citizens, representing honor, wealth, class or social power.
Festivals & gatherings had a lot of one-off performances, comparable to modern day street performers. (240 BCE)
Reciting and acting new literature, these performances became a big part of Roman culture and touched on a lot Ancient aspects in general.
Manuwarld, Gesine. "Roman Republican Theatre." Roman Republican Theatre (2011): 0-404. Journal
First ever recorded actors were Etruscans, reenacting Athenian drama.
Encouraged usage and development of Latin Literature.
Used as a propaganda tool, making the other civilizations look silly and comedic.
First use of music-dialogue tie ever recorded.
Changed opinion in women actors.
short answer:
1) what was a tool that was used to push together layers of rock brick gravel and concrete

2) what did the Romans use to build things like public baths

3) what shapes were used in most of Roman architecture
record important events such as great wars, tell stories or myths about great men, or used to show popular scenes/events like parties
are Rome’s most famous form of art, which were almost always dedicated to great leaders.
meant that the owner had great social status, and was wealthy.
5)Who were the first actors in Ancient Rome?

a) Etruscans b) Romans
c) Italians d) Parentians
6)Who was the first person to influence Roman Theatre?

a) Livius Andronicus b) Julius Caeser c) Wayne Gretzky d) Mr. Hall
First started with tragic plays, then transitioning into romance and comedy.
Bosra Theatre, with advanced acoustics.
Livius Andronicus
First Playwright, father of tragedy (240 BCE)
Encouraged all the arts
No plays or works of art have survived
Gnaeus Naevius
First person recorded to have used propaganda in his plays
Went to jail for 'exposing the Metelli' family, and later committed suicide
His suicide has been referenced in multiple plays, hinting at a potential murder
- Reason for dismissal from army
Adelphoe (The Brothers) - First play to reference religion
Unfortunately, due to the scripts' uses, many original plays have been lost.
Titus Maccius Plautus
Work contains plays written in Old Latin.
Used for educational purposes
Supported writing/drama as a career
Captivi - Gave political insight into prison system, and potentially referenced a murder.
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