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My room

No description

Cesar Rivera

on 22 March 2017

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Transcript of My room

My House
My room
What I can do to make this room more energy efficient is adding energy efficient lighting. That is because it saves more energy. The second thing i could add is a energy efficient air conditioning. This is because it saves more energy to keep the room cool.
For my kitchen I could add energy efficient oven, energy efficient dishwasher, and a tankless water heater
living room
For my living room I could add curtains, paint with less VOC (Volatile Organic Compound), and solar panels connected to like everything in my living room so that I can use my stuff but more efficient.
House #1
house #2
I like this house because it looks like something rich people would own. Another reason I like this house is because of the trees surrounding it. The final reason is because it is super spacious.
1. I like the garage
2.I like the amount of windows because it lets me see nature when im inside all day
3. I likre the material it is made of (Stone)
house #3
1. I like this house because of the grass
2. I like that it is 1 floor maybe
3. i like the stone that it's made of
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