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Welcome to the permian period (real one)

No description

Miranda Bass

on 3 October 2012

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Transcript of Welcome to the permian period (real one)

By: Sarah McPhaul and
Miranda Bass Welcome to the Permian Period! Welcome! The Permian period didn't have a date
so they said it lasted from 299 to 251 million years ago. When did the Permian Period
Begin? OK prepare yourself for "the age of amphibians"
As you can tell amphibians such as frogs,toads, and salamanders were the most dominant land animals during the Permian period. Animals? Get ready for extreme temperature changes! because
the Permian period was around the emerging of the super-continent Pangaea. So when you go towards the north you will encounter extreme heat and great seasonal fluctuations between wet and dry conditions. So make sure to bring plenty of cool things with you such as water or a cooler etc. to hold your stuff in The Environment The south of Pangaea Welcome to the Permian Period the last period of the Peleozoic era and the one before the Mesazoic era, and anyone is allowed to come. Some of them got up to 15 ft long! When you go to the south be sure to wear LOTS of layers because it was very cold and arid. Most of the south was frozen under ice-caps. Africa, South America, Australia, and Antarctica were all covered in ice. while you are traveling you will be in a vehicle similar to a car so you can turn on the a.c. when it's hot, or the heat when it's cold. So you will be in something pretty safe from the giant frogs,toads, and salamanders. You know the amphibians. Dangers The most major event that took place during the Permian period was the Perm Oblast. Which is when the greatest mast extinction that ever took place on Earth happened. It ended the Permian period and the Paleozoic era. Major events This is the Dimetrodon, it was one of the biggest land animals
in the Permian period, measuring about 11 feet long and weighing
about 500 pounds. Citations

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