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Fahrenheit 451

Pages 45-60

Kyle Towe

on 11 September 2013

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Transcript of Fahrenheit 451

Fahrenheit 451
There is lots of characterization about Mildred throughout our section. We see Mildred's character begin to develop as a fake character who really has no depth or emotion. Along with the development of this "fake" character, she begins to emerge as somewhat of a selfish character who seems to only care for herself and "the family." In the section she seems to not even care about Montag. Turn to pages 45, 46, and 56.
In our passage we see a large amount of Beatty's personality and his views and opinions. Beatty is the only person we meet who isn't exiled(Harvard hobos) that understands the system and yet still goes along with it. We can see this when he gives Montag a very deep and thought out explanation of his current feelings of unease and doubt, saying it is only normal for firemen. Turn to page 50, 57, 58
Our section begins with Montag sick in bed because he is upset and worried after having seen a woman being burned alive and stealing one of her books. Beatty comes to visit him and thinks that Montag may have a book with him because of the way he has been acting for the past few days. Montag has also been questioning the value of books and Beatty is trying to convince Montag that books are bad and they only cause conflict. Beatty knows what Montag is thinking and is also trying to convince him that he should forget about books and give up his books "if" he has some because if he doesn't within a few days firemen will come and burn them for him.
Montag begins show that he is
becoming a "real" person. In page 48 Montag says you didnt "see". This shows that he is for once feeling an emotion for someone dying. He is aslo refrencing that Milldred can not truely see how bad this world really is. In page 49 Montag says he knows that people spent their lives creating something that holds a peice of history. He now relizes he is deystoing parts of history and parts of a human being. On pages 58-59 montag is too scared to talk. He understand that beaty is the enemy and he is very scared of him answering only with short answers
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