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Save The Toucans!!!

The writing about the toucans

Noah Chavez

on 4 December 2012

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Transcript of Save The Toucans!!!

Save the toucans!!! The toucan is endangered because we are cutting down the Forrest. Now your probably thinking why are toucans so great? well, number one their beak is big and colorful,second they disperse seeds which means they take seeds and move them so they are planted in different areas. What can we do to help? We can stop cutting down the rainforest. That's the main reason their endangered the Forrest is their home so when we cut it down it is effecting them a lot what do they do to help Like i said toucans disperse seeds such as the virola seed. Dispersing is moving deeds to different places like for example if there is a tree seed the toucans would move it's seeds so there's more of it in more places. What can we do to help? We can well like i keep saying don't cut down the Forrest, although they don't have many young so that could be another reason but the main reason is because we Humans are cutting down the Forrest. Here are some photos of Toucans!!!!!!!!!!! THE END!!!!!!!
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