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Background issues in Language Learning

No description

Digarti Digar

on 28 August 2012

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Transcript of Background issues in Language Learning

Background issues in Language
Learning. Jeremy Harmer. children acquire
more than 1 language
by the age of 6 can the classroom replicate the conditions in which kids acquire L1? parents exaggerate intonation special vocabulary include them into conversation language acquisiton is guaranteed up to the age of 6 Acquisition and Learning Harold Palmer 2004 spontaneous vs. studial capabilities acquire naturally and subconsciously organise the learning process
and apply conscious knowledge Krashen, 1984 Input hypothesis language acquired subconsciously is used in spontaneous conversation language learnt check our spontaneous communication Experiments by Watson and Raynor, 1929 Behaviourism language must be comprehensive and a little above the Ss productive level Ss must be exposed to large quantity of comprehensible input Direct Method: associations -- real objects , pictures or demonstrations. INPUT = INTAKE LANGUAGE RECEIVED lANGUAGE ABSORBED Behaviourism --- Conditioning

Stimulus --- Response ---Reinforcement Audiolingualism: Repetition patterns-- Tr. praises SS ask Ss to think about language Ss must experience and be emotionally attached to language learning, having good feelings and in a positive environment Ss can make decisions about the language they use repeated
encounters, with language Ss can discover things themselves, although not all SS can Repetition To understand!
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