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Singha Beer

No description

Wen Ying Yen

on 5 November 2012

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Transcript of Singha Beer

Boon Rawd Trading International, Singha Beer
Brand manager UK Team · London, United Kingdom Marc Chavanakunakorn " The Lion of Asia " Development of Questionnaire Analysis background information

Relevant references

Direction Position


Future Brand Image
Marc: Singha has always positioned itself as a premium brand. For UK market, authenticity of the product with distinctive taste and high quality ingredients. Singha was built using its root as an identity for being a Thai Beer. Premium brand

Quality brand

Thai Cultural brand Brand Development " Be vigilant in peace time."------ < Zuo Zhuan > 542 BC

Increasing extension & stretches

Marc: Using Thai identity to develop awareness through Thai Restaurants during the first days of Singha, now with help of international sponsorship showing that Singha is internally accepted by well known organisation such as Chelsea FC, Man UTD and Red Bull Racing Team F1. Singha is becoming not just only Thai Brand, but with Thai authenticity is accepted internationally. Brand Competitiveness

M: Singha Beer is actually been sold in UK for around 30 years,. Singha was first only available through Thai Restaurants, but nowadays, in second largest partnership with Molson Coorsbeer distributors in UK, we have expanded our distribution channel to modern trade outlets in UK.

M: Opportunity is to explore and to expand into UK beer market through other trade channel rather than only Thai Restaurants. Threats are, intensive competition of the markets and pricing of the imported beers. Product Promotion
focus on product itself
Brand Communication Strategy
increase the channels
improve brand promotion way 1208866 Guanyu Yang
1210024 Wen-Ying Yen
1226156 Natchanan Srisombut
1110247 Sunguk Yoon
1235066 Xiaoxi Xiao
1208465 Feifei XU Introduction of Singha

Development of Questionnaire

Comments on Singha

Summary Digital Branding? Phraya BhiromBhakdi "Will digital branding become important

than other forms of brand communication

in the future?" Team 15 DM5502 Branding Strategy Studies Q. A. Recent brand
touchpoint strategy? Post
purchase Direct feedback
& participation Showing
branding Channels
of digital service. Noble
quility Stretch Brand
- FASHION - Main Website - Mobile APP : DAZE - Content feed :
Singha Secret - Social network :
Blog -Stretch Brand
Hotel / Airline ... For
purchase Pro
purchase Trendy
Sportive Conclusion What we learned from the interview ?

How we think about the interview ? Thanks for your listening !
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