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Causes of the Civil War

By: Emily Budde, Megan Ridder, and Hannah Jackson

Hannah Jackson

on 9 January 2013

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Transcript of Causes of the Civil War

HANNAH JACKSON CAUSES OF THE CIVIL WAR MORAL OR ECONOMIC? CAUSES South "King Cotton" Compromise of 1850 No slave trade in Washington D.C. Slavery Abolitionists Uncle Tom's Cabin
Harriet Beecher Stowe Control in Government Lost balance in Senate
California entered as free state (1850)
Minnesota entered as free state (1858)
Oregon entered as free state (1859) The Country's Dividers Southern Agrarian Economy Northern Industrialized Economy Slow growing population Agrarian plantation economy California entered as a free state Popular sovereignty in New Mexico and Utah (territories from Mexico) Anti- Slavery president from north in 1860
Abraham Lincoln Election of Lincoln caused Southern
States to secede Lincoln's strive to preserve the Union Help from Slaves Position of North
on Slavery Position of South
on Slavery The Liberator
William Lloyd Garrison Slaves used as main work force Violence "Bleeding Kansas"
Kansas-Nebraska Act
3 years of violence
Kansas became free John Brown's Raid
"Pottawatomie Massacre"
Raided artillery Rights of Government Tenth Amendment prohibited the federal government from interfering with the right of slaveholders taking their "property" to new territory Federal government can't
interfere with slavery where
it already existed PBS VIDEO http://video.pbs.org/video/1479848529 Abolishment movements dividing country Missouri Compromise: a threat to slavery itself Worsening Slave Conditions Anti-Slave Trade Act Saw African Americans as animals instead of people Saw slavery as brutal torture Economy wasn't dependent on slavery Immigrants as workforce Slavery dependent economy Ran from masters to join Union Army Fought for Union on battlefields Centralized issue of freedom Escaped slaves helped others cross the border North Manufacturing economy People relatively viewed as equals Industry flourished Industry Had more abundant natural resources than the South Relied on Southern cotton
production Tariffs Railroads provided easy transportation Benefited the North Southerners had to pay tariffs on manufactured goods Northern economy kept rising Role of Government Abraham Lincoln Supporting the federal government Racism Unbalance in government in the North's favor Although they were free, African Americans were still ill-treated "Draconian Laws" Black racial inferiority http://video.about.com/americanhistory/Top-5-Causes-of-the-Civil-War.htm Believed workers could improve
their status Genetically superior white people
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