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Blackburn College

This prezi is featuring Blackburn College. We are the only college of our kind in the USA. Click through to find out how! and give us a heart! Make sure to check out www.blackburn.edu, and ameliacfkirby.blogspot.com!

Amelia Kirby

on 13 November 2013

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Transcript of Blackburn College

96% of
receive financial
30% of
in athletics.
student managed
work program
college in
the country!

Ranks #1
as the best
college in Illinois.
The Work Program
gives students a
4-year head start in their careers!
12 departments
allow students
to gain a variety of knowledge
and skills.
In the last 6 years, 100% of biology graduates who maintained high GPAs and followed advice of their faculty advisor have been accepted into their first or second choice programs.
There are 11 athletic teams, with plenty of room for pick-up basketball, sand volleyball, or an afternoon game of football on The Quad.
Blackburn was founded in 1837, and the Work Program was
added in 1913.
"Graduates applying to a variety of programs go in expecting a 15 minute interview. This usually turns into a 2 hour interview because The Work Program is so intriguing. It's no wonder that our graduates are so successful." -Dr. Ed Zalisko, Professor of Biology
At Blackburn College, you don't have to compete with other students for scholarships. If you earn it, you get it.
Blackburn now offers FREE TUITION to the neediest students through the Affordable Access Award!
Our students are able to participate in original research lead by professors.
80% of students live on campus, which is located on the original 80 acres.
Thank you for taking a closer look at Blackburn College.
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