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Luta de Galo

By: Courtney Nord & Olivia Anstey

Courtney Nord

on 30 November 2012

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Transcript of Luta de Galo

History A game which is a spin off of rooster fighting
Rooster fighting used to be very popular within this area
Roosters used to fight to the death of their opponent and bets were placed upon which rooster would win
This sport is now illegal
There is no exact time as to when the game was established How to Play Find a partner
Tuck a handkerchief or piece of cloth in your belt or waistband
Face your partner
Cross one arm over your chest
Lift the opposite leg
Count to three and try to capture your opponent's handkerchief
You cannot put your leg down
You can only use one arm Luta de Galo Statistics Any number of people can play
Players compete in pairs
Your partner is your opponent
One handkerchief or rag per person
Cultural Impact We can infer that kids from Brazil make the best out of what they have
Rooster fighting is a valued past tradition
They base their games off of historical past times to keep the history alive, but in a more moderate form Video By: Olivia Anstey & Courtney Nord Luta de Galo Originates from Brazil
Translates to "fight of the roosters"
Played by younger children
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