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Folklore 7465

K. Renae

on 15 January 2013

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Transcript of Art

ART Folklore 7465 Bluefields, RAAS, Nicaragua What is art? Behavior Performance Product "Folklore can be desribed as verbal art."
- William R. Bascom Conclusion ?
? Art is... Credits bluefieldsound.com Sound System Art is.. Art isn't... a controversial term
objects, performance,behavior
universal yet culturally specific
defined “by the people who produce it”
deeply-seated in culture
central to folklore limited to material products
necessarily historical
simply “extraordinary” or “ordinary”
only for the privileged
of and for Western society Art was... “discovered” by Western intellectuals
“labelled ‘folk’ or ‘primitive’
devalued by Westerners
a process in Othering “Art has been the underlying organizing criteria of what is that folklorists have studied. But unlike art history or the philosophy of aesthetics, research has basically been on the art of the Other.” –- Gerald L. Pocius “We folklorists have devoted most of our energies to the understanding of how some cultural products become involved in the exploration of the human soul” - Gerald L. Pocius FORM
“It is a specific form that is associated with particular pleasurable experiences, and thus a culture links form and experience together into what can be considered as art.” –- Gerald L. Pocius EVENT
“Folklore was art born in the aesthetic ‘event.’” - Elliott Oring LIFE
“Instead of art as an item, art covered the aesthetic dimension of everyday life, in whatever form that might take." - Gerald L. Pocius Pocius, Gerald L. "Common Ground: Keywords
for the Study of Expressive Culture."
Journal of American Folklore 108.430
(1995): 413-431. Web. 27 June 2011. Citation skill emotion tradition human
conditions creation activism technique “The idea of tradition guides the creation of all art forms...The concept of tradition does not limit but expand, and the folklorist’s long-standing interest in tradition...is finally a strength to draw upon in order to more fully understand art." - Edward Ives individual creativity
& collective process longstanding needs & new opportunities “We feel embarrassed by these early thinkers who looked to other places and people for answers not about who those Others were but, finally, about who they were.” – Gerald L. Pocius “And in this creation, we all strive for the skill to create the forms (whatever they are) that explain the human complexities of daily living…All of us are creating, creating particular forms that move us, while taking responsibility to excel in that creation.”
- Gerald L. Pocius K.Renae
27 June 2011
Dr.Kitta Kali Boom Papa Bantam Sabu
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