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03.06 War at Home

No description

Luisa Lemos

on 26 August 2013

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Transcript of 03.06 War at Home

#1 Democracy in the world!

Native Americans
Still on reservation. Is the world safe for democracy yet? Can I come out?
I thought the point of citizenship was to vote? Help please!
Native Americans
No matter our effort, we are not able to vote. Unfair!
Our wartime contributions were a reason to give us the time to vote!
German Americans
The business of German American are being vandalized. Now every connection that the American life with Germans is beings changed!
German Americans
The United States should stay neutral in war. It is fair!
Jewish Americans
All of us Jewish are going to banned together to support the war effort ! #organizations #support
Jewish Americans
We are being frequently face discrimination. However, how would it be when 1.75 million jewish migrate here to the United States? #ridiculous #stopdiscrimination
Asian Americans
No matter what we have to face, We are going to fight for out adopted country! #stopdiscrimination
Asian Americans
Finally! Now that the war has finished, our soldiers can become naturalized citizens so they can be awarded for their service. #great
Hispanic Americans
What is life here in this country with so much discrimination!?
Hispanic Americans
Stop discrimination! we make part of this country too. One out three Americans are immigrants! #nonsense
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