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United Nations Report

No description

Sara Sans

on 1 October 2013

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Transcript of United Nations Report

United Nations Report
Sierra Leone
Got Independence- January 1st, 1956
Democratic Republic of Congo
Gained independence
In 1960 they were officially declared independent.
Zimbabwe became independent from the United Kingdom in 1980. Through...
Independence protests
Also with many other violent acts.
Colonization & independence
Before independence they were controlled by Belgium.
Life in Zimbabwe
Sierra Leone regained its independence in 1961. They held a conference demanding for independence in 1960 and received it in 1961.
Egypt and Britain were fighting over who got to colonize Sudan in the 1900's.
But soon after Egypt and Britain fighting came to a end when they agreed to be partners and rule over Sudan together.
Getting Independence
Current Events
Rwanda gained independence in 1962.
Belgium took over during ww1.
Life here was horrifying as they were colonized.
After independence Parmehutu took over.
Became independent when riots in Kinshasa broke out and Belgium lost control.
Problems In Rwanda
Rwanda is one of the most poverty stricken countries in the world.
It is very hard and expensive to get edcation if you don't live in a city
90% of people who live there get less than 1$ USD a day.
Government & acquaintances
The government in Rwanda is non-sexist,
Sudan got independence from Egypt and Britain by getting a provisional constitution/agreement.
That meant that the controlling countries let Sudan be independent.
Events and Problems in
The battle to end hunger.
Credit card fraud
Attack and murder on foreigners.
Little to no education.
Crop failures
The spread of H.I.V and Cholera
Land issues.
H I V/ AIDS is a huge problem
Still cleaning up souls and land from the genocide
Before independence, Sierra Leone was colonized by United Kingdom. Life was horrible back then. Black Africans were treated differently from the whites. They were usually hanged if they did not agree with the government. Not only was it bad for the blacks, but the whites too. They usually were separated and couldn't talk to each other.
Problems in Democratic Republic of Congo
Fights over water access.
They are trying to branch out and help other countries.
France and anybody from the UN are allies
Fights over access and control of rich minerals.
Over 4.5 million people have died do to conflict.
After Independence
The Genocide: A war between the Tutsi 's & Hutu's for power
Life is very hard here considering how small it is. Overused land=Bad crops.
First Congo War

When colonization ended, things got even more tense between South and North Sudan , because the North had more power, the South was jealous.
Second Congo War

After independence, the SSLP government took over. Sir Milton Margai was the first prime minister of Sierra Leone. He also led them to independence. A lot of people opposed the new government and independence including Siaka Stevens who was a part of who created the start of the civil war that lasted 11 years.
Benefits of 1,000,000$
They could continue on their goal of getting a computer for every kid.
If they get money teachers will get actual degrees.
Students will spill to rwanda for education.
There were 2 civil wars in Sudan
First Sudanese war was 1955-1972
Second Sudanese war was 1983-2005

Country chosen for 1,000,000
Current Events
South Sudan
After the second civil war, the southern people of Sudan seceded from Sudan, making their own country called South Sudan.
South Sudan is the most recent made country, it was made official in 2005.
The two main causes of death were from starvation and forced labor.
Sierra Leone's government is a constitutional democracy. It is separated into three groups executive, legislative, and judicial.
Allies and enemies
Sierra Leone's has a lot of people on their side! Most of the United Nation countries such as the US are trying to help them recover from the war. Although they are in a fight with Liberia because Liberia smuggled lots of diamonds across the border.
South Sudan and Sudan still have a very tense relationship today, and are at risk of another war.
Life in Democratic Republic of Congo Before Independence
over ten million people died
Wars in the Democratic Republic of Congo
Problems and life in this country
Kenya Rwanda war

With a lush, tropical climate, beaches, and lots of natural resources; you would think it's great to live in Sierra Leone..... it's not.
In Sierra Leone; HIV/AIDS, malaria, malnutrition, and yellow fever is spreading wildly and right now it is not even close to being under control.
Land and water pollution is out of control with farmers using poor farming practices, runoffs, improper disposal, improper sewage disposal.
Sierra Leone is one of the top ten poorest countries in the world with 81.5% in poverty and hunger due to the wreckage done in the civil war.
320,000 children are orphaned.
A typical family lives in a mud with dirt floors.
The most common food is rice because it is cheap.
Sierra leong has the lowest average income in the world with less than $1.25 per day.
No water or electrical items and healthcare is very limited. (3 doctors for every 100,000 people)
It has horrible education systems. With only 24.4% of girls under the age of 15; can read and write. It also has a literacy rate of 35.1% which is the poorest literacy rate in all of Africa.
More people die in childbirth in Sierra Leone than anywhere else with 41.7% still alive after.
It is estimated that 1000 people die or injured each day.
It is one of the top ten poorest countries in the world and has many problems such as limited medical care; which is one of the top problems in their country. With the 1,000,000 dollars they hire more doctors and buy more supplies and medicine to help and save people's life's! In order to save this county, you have to take one step at a time.
HIV infection
Cholera outbreaks
Land Issues
Illegal markets
By: Sara Sans, Ashlyn Waterbury, Holly Hess, Andy Schmidt, Trevor Allen
Social Studies book

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