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tiffany kendall

on 20 March 2015

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Transcript of Magnetism

Earth's magnetic core
Gauss - Unit used to measure strength of magnetic field
Earth's core is made of hot, dense molten iron, nickel, and other metals
Earth's magnetic field is huge electric currents that flow in the molten iron
Strength of Earth's magnetic field
Weak compared to the field near ceramic magnets in a classroom
Magnetic field's strength is measured in gauss
Magnetic field averages about 0.5 gauss at Earth's surface
Reversing Poles
Planet's magnetic fields strength and location of north and south magnetic poles change over time
Reversal happens every 500,000 years on average
The next reversal
Earth's magnetic field is losing about 7% of it's strength every 100 years
Reversal will happen in about 2,000 years
Earth's magnetic field will not completely disappear
The source of Earth's magnetism
Movements of magnetic poles
Location of Earth's magnetic poles are always slowly changing
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