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Untitled Prezi

Our last two weeks in ASSP 21st

Aiza Dahman

on 21 April 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

WE ARE MAGIS! ;) OUR LAST TWO WEEKS START THE END! I was late. First day pa naman.
-Aiza, the shy -_-

I was alone entering the school.
-Chin, the nervous -_-

I was an early bird.
-Joy, the excited -_- NERVOUS,SHY, BUT EXCITED New found friends. It was soooo goood.
Including Sir Emir and the Agbays. <3 FRIENDS, FINALLY! :) Schedules are given, although we're on a tight schedule, but we'll try to handle it. That was Cool, Exciting, Amazing! (especially this assignment) XD

And, there were handsome and beautiful teachers. Love it! <3 CLASSES, COOL :D CRUSHES! OF COURSE! <3 "Tall, Smart, and Handsome!"

"The intelligent, white baby face!"

"The cutest for my eyes!"
-Joy Now, we always take our lunch and snacks together, share secrets, and laughters :))) Hence, our JOURNEY doesn't end yet. We will be learning more, knowing more, having more, caring more, laughing more, and most especially, LOVING MORE... <3 We hope, that this ASSP 21st will be one of the beautiful roads that we can have. We hope that this will be successful for all of us.
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