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Protect Animals

No description

Waleed Mubarki

on 22 April 2015

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Transcript of Protect Animals

Protect animals Why We Should
Protect animals How We Protect animals Reasons Natural balance is delicate and pure.
When some species disappeared, the food chain will be changed.
Everything is dependent on something else for it's survival.
We need to understand the impact of our actions on our ecosystem.
We can't foresee the problems we could cause ourselves.
We usually help maintain biodiversity in protecting animals.
Species are often effective when used against each other.
It can alert us the problems in the environment. Things We Can Do To
Protect Animals The Challenge of
Protecting animals It is difficult to keep animals alive in captivity.
It also can bring disease and domestication.
It will cost so much money. How Raise money Support some animal conservation organizations
Donate or adopt an animal
Buy some gifts from the organization
Do some projects to raise more funds kk In fact, there are dozens of conservation groups available that are devoted to a vast range of conservation goals. Some Organizations E.G. World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) The Nature Conservancy Finally, after we see and hear all what people said about animals.
one more thing I want you all think about, what we did for animals?
are we going to think about all what happening to animals? Conclusion - The interviews :
1- Dave Cannamela
nature center superintendent.
2- Liz Littman
Director of Development & Communications References Others : http://www.iucnredlist.org/about/summary-statistics
http://animals.about.com Protect wildlife habitat Join a conservation organization Reduce the threat of
invasive species Make space for our wildlife Recycle and reduce
energy and goods
consumption Minimize use of herbicides and pesticides Slow down when driving Show your concerns and
get involved locally
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