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The Roman Timeline

No description

Esperanza Griffith

on 17 September 2014

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Transcript of The Roman Timeline

The Roman Timeline 27 BCE - 476 CE
476 BCE
Odoacer deposes Emperor Romulus Augustus ending the Roman Empire in the west
324 CE
The new Eastern Roman Empire capital is renamed Constantinople after Emperor Constantine
180 CE
The Pax Romana ends
410 CE
Alaric, a Visigoth, invades western Rome

27 BCE
96 CE
The Emperor Nerva, the first of the Five Great Emperors, takes the throne

The Pax Romana begins
There are many reasons why and how the Roman empire fell and here are five of them. Rome was divided into two parts that were governed differently and this weakened it. Rome also had relentess attacks by the Germanic tribes and were scared of them. Its people and leaders are became very weak and lost their way. For example, they persecuted Christians instead of accepting them. The Vandals had also been attacking the Western Roman Empire. Odacer joined the Roman army and later deposed the Emperor. It took many events over time to end this great empire.
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