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Edmund Kemper: The Coed Killer

No description

on 26 November 2013

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Transcript of Edmund Kemper: The Coed Killer

Edmund Kemper: The Coed Killer

After his mother feared Kemper would rape her youngest daughter, she sent him to live with his Grandparents because of his unusual and barbaric actions.
He felt no love from his mother and was constantly neglected.
After being arrested he was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia and placed in a mental care for the criminally insane.
Paranoid Schizophrenia: The patient feels that someone is plotting against them.
His hatred towards woman evolved into hatred towards all genders.
"The Co-Ed killer"
His effort to rekindle with his father was denied.
Kemper feels alone and neglected.
Killing continues...
After being released from his institute because of good behavior, he then killed over four women in the past four months. Most of his murders occurred after intense arguments with his mother.
His mother took him into "custody" after he was released. He was living with her, on and off again between jobs.
"No woman will ever love you..."
His hatred towards woman began at a young age because of the abuse and neglect he witnessed from his mother.
He hated her...He hated himself.
He had thoughts of suicide, Kemper even had some attempts.
His mother ridiculed his weight
Used to call him "weirdo"
He was bullied at a young age, this triggered his sadistic acts.
Characteristics of a Serial Killer
Does poorly in school
Comes from an unstable family
Hates his father and Mother
Early records of psychiatric problems
As children, abandoned by Father and raised by Mother
High suicide rate
Interested in sadomasochistic pornography
Involved in sadistic activities or torturing small creatures
Abused as a child-Psychologically(what led him to his downfall...)
Edmund Kemper has these characteristics...
As a baby he was overweight.
He eventually grew into his body weighing around 300 pounds.
Nine years old: his Parents got divorced.
This affected him emotionally.
Lived with his mother.
Edmund Kemper
"If I kiss her, I'd have to kill her..."
He loved his teacher in elementary and his younger sister would tease him about it.
She would also mock him like his mother would.
He wanted to feel accepted by females.
He wanted love but knew he could not receive it because of his mothers consistent taunting
He would decapitate his sisters dolls and cat by using a machete
"It's not the first stage, its practice"
Sexually unhappy...
He would masturbate and have sex with corpse images of the people he "killed" in his hometown...
First Murder...
"I wanted to know what it would feel like..."
Edmund shoots his grandmother because he wanted to know how it would feel to shoot her(a woman)
He then kills his grandfather when he returns.
In response to his murder, he claims he did not want his Grandfather to see his wife dead.
Kemper felt guilty, he even made two phone calls after he committed the crime.
He called his mother(in hope for a sympathetic response) and then the police so he could turn himself in.
April 19th, 1973
On this day Kemper murdered his Mother, he spent hours torturing her and paid attention to detail on how he would mutilate her.
Scraped her head, using it for oral sex(sexually unsatisfied), thew darts at her crushed skull, threw her vocal cords in the garbage
Homicidal needs were not satisfied...
After killing his mother slowly and efficiently with intense detail, he was still unsatisfied. He then invited his Mothers friend and killed her as well.
Kemper is known for always having sex with his victims headless corpses.
Sometimes he would put the heads of the corpses in his mothers garden, facing her window because she always wanted people to "look up to her."
Kemper liked killing women who reminded him of his Mother.
After unsuccessfully pleading insanity, Kemper requested to be sentenced to death in Santa Cruz -like he had fantasized about as a child- but because of the change in capital punishment his wish was denied. He is sentenced to life in prison.
His Mother is the reason...
Due to Kempers abusive childhood, by him always murdering women because they "reminded him of his mother" proves the neglect he received as a child. Research shows that without intervention at crucial points in the child development,the risks are high for absued and neglected children to become violent murderers, which is the case with Edmund Kemper III.
Attention to detail
Kempers attention to detail when he killed innocent women shows how emotionally hurt and sexually frustrated he is. The time and effort it takes to mutilate someone shows true pain and neglect and it is reflected in his murders. He had a certain pattern that he followed per kill.
While in prison he was one of the first 36 convicted killers to be interviewed.
Work Cited
"Edmund Kemper Biography." Bio.com. A&E Networks Television
Internal Association of Forensic Science, an article written by FBI Special Agent Robert K. Ressler
"The Serial Killer," Harold Schechter
"Edmund Kemper: The Co-ed Killer." The Trial.
Primary Intent
Kemper can be classified for his primary intent which were for a sexual and personal cause.
He wanted to fulfill his sexual needs a majority of the time because he was sexually unhappy.
Also, to feel a love that was neglected for such a long period of time.
Charged with eight counts of first degree murder and went on trial on October 17,1973
He was found guilty of ALL of those charges.
He received eight concurrent life sentences.
Interview with Kemper.
Where is he now?
California Medical Facility where he is serving his sentence.
Kemper was up for parole in 2007, but his request was denied.
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