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amal sheik

on 7 May 2017

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Transcript of Geometry

A cone is a solid which has a circular base and comes in to a point at the top similar in the shape of an ice-cream cone. A cone was said to be a rotating triangle.
Here are some examples.
A triangular prism has got 9 edges, 5 faces and 6 vertices.
Sometimes the faces can be either square or rectangular
depending size, but definitely triangle.
A circle is a shape that has no edges and no vertices. A circle is a round two dimensional shape that looks similar to the letter ‘O’. The distance around the outside of a circle is called the circumference . A circle has the shortest perimeter of all shapes with the same area.
The globe is shaped like a circle and the baseball.
A square is not a 3D (3 dimensional) shape it is a 2D (2 dimensional) shape. It has 4 edges, 1 face and 4 vertices. The 4 edges are always the same length. You can find a square on your remote most of the times, a sticky-note, the shape of picture and etc.
A couple examples of a Square
A cube has 12 edges, 8 vertices and 6 faces, each face looks like a square. A cube has length, width and height which is the same length no matter, how long or short the edges are or how big or small the cube is. The length, width height will always be the same.
Triangular prism
Scalene triangles are triangles which each side is different length. The interior angles of a scalene triangle are all different. If a triangle has 3 different angles then the triangle would be scalene.
look to the right and you'll see a picture
A torus is a really complex shape, it has no edges or vertices it has to circles. it looks like a doughnut or a wheel. It is not a polyhedron, if you have more than one torus they are called tori.
Here are some pictures.
A rectangle is a 4-sided flat shape with straight sides where all interior angles are right angles (90°).
Any four-sided shape is a Quadrilateral.(4 sided)
But the sides have to be straight.

Here are some examples of a rectangle
Some examples
2D shapes
3D shapes
An octagon is an 8-sided polygon (a flat shape with straight sides).
An octagon has 8 straight sides. The shape must also be closed (all the lines connect up). It is also 2D (two-dimensional).
here are some examples.
Scalene Triangle
Perpendicular lines
A sphere is not a polyhedron, it has no vertices and has no edges. It is absolutely perfectly symmetrical. It is definitely a 3 dimensional (3D) shape.
Perpendicular lines are lines that always cross with each other and form angles of 90 degrees. they have to be vertical and horizontal lines to form a perpendicular line. Also a perpendicular line is 1D (one - dimensional).

Here are some perpendicular lines.

Horizontal lines

A horizontal line is a really straight line that is formed one side to the other in a line, it is used a lot during your day, e.g opening your journal, writing book, diary, so anything book that has lines going across the page, etc. A horizontal line is 1D (one-dimensional).
A horizontal line is also a straight angle.

Diagonal lines
A few examples of a horizontal lines
Parellel lines
Lines are parallel if they are always the same distance apart (called "equidistant"), and will never meet. Just remember that there always the same distance apart.
Here are some pictures of parellel lines.
Diagonal lines are 1D. They are also obviously straight or else it would be something different. So, diagonal lines can be seen on your keyboard (Computer or any portable devices like laptops, phones etc), ramps (sometimes) and lots of other places.
The 4 faces on the rectangular prism are rectangle
she (fat amy) is horizontal-ish
Right Angle
A right angle is 90 degrees, it is very similar to the letter "L" because of the angle. It is 1D. It is not called a 90 degrees angle because people don't really use that word a lot.
Acute angle
Obtuse angle
Reflex angle
Straight angle
An octahedron has got 8 faces, 12 edges and 6 vertices It is called an octahedron because it is a polyhedron and it has 8 faces but not the shape of an octagon. Did you know each vertex has 4 edges that meet.
An acute angle is an angle that is less than
90 degrees. so it can be 15 degrees or 35 or maybe
even 89 degrees, so anything under the 90 degrees point.
An obtuse angle is bigger than a right angle but smaller than a straight angle (180 degrees). It is definitely 1 dimensional.
A reflex angle is bigger than a straight angle
but just a bit smaller than a full rotation or 360 degrees.
A straight angle looks like a line, it is 180 degrees, so it is half of a full rotation (360 degrees). It is bigger than 180 degrees but smaller than 180 degrees.
kind of more like an Oval
siht dnatsrednu nac uoy fi rednow I
you may think the shape of the faces look like that
By: Abriana and Amal
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