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Fossil Fuels

No description

Emma J

on 3 October 2012

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Transcript of Fossil Fuels

Fossil Fuels in Germany By: Emma Jacobstein About Fossil Fuels Fossil fuels are nonrenewable natural resources. There are three different types of fossil fuels: solid, liquid, and gas. Fossil fuels are not very good for the environment. Fossil Fuel Around the World Fossil fuels are found all around the world. Fossil fuel can be found on land or beneath the ocean. Fossil Fuel in Germany Acid Rain In Germany there are many acid rain problems due to fossil fuels. This is destroying the timber production from the Black Forest. Watch this video on acid rain. Nonrenewable Another fossil fuel issue in Germany is that it's nonrenewable. We use way too much fossil fuels and soon we will run out. Did you know that there is a limited amount of petroleum on this planet, and it takes millions of years to make more? Do you know how much petroleum is used everyday? 2,600,000 barrels of oil are used in Germany ALONE every day! Air Pollution Another important reason we should cut down on fossil fuel is the amount of air pollution it is responsible for. Do you know how clean the air would be if factories and power plants alone stopped using coal? The Three Types of Fossil Fuel Solid
Gas The 3 different forms of fossil fuel Liquid Fuel Petroleum Liquid fossil fuel is called Petroleum. More than 40% of Earth's energy is generated by Petroleum. Uses Petroleum is used for many things. Petroleum is made into many different types of fuel. Petroleum is made into gasoline, kerosene, and diesel. Pros and Cons Petroleum is good and bad. View the comparison chart and see the ideal and not so awesome traits that Petroleum has. Good Bad environment $$$ There is nothing good about Petroleum prices. Petroleum isn't that expensive for Germany because of the amount of Petroleum found. Although, the gasoline to power the drills is pretty expensive. Petroleum is okay for the environment. Natural gas is better but coal is worse. No matter how friendly Petroleum is it is still a fossil fuel and all fossil fuels are bad. accessibility In Germany access to Petroleum is very easy to get. Germany is 3rd in the WORLD for Petroleum production. There isn't much bad news about accessing Petroleum in Germany, the only bad thing is it costs alot to drill for. Gas Fuel Natural Gas What It's Used For Natural gas is used mainly for electric energy and heating but there other uses too. Unfortunately, Germany doesn't use much of it. Environmental Focus Natural gas is much, much better for the environment but we can do better. If we were to stick with fossil fuels this is the best choice... out of the fossil fuels. We need to go alternative but in the meantime we should use as much natural gas as possible. Natural gas is nonrenewable so we shouldn't rely on it completely. Pros and Cons of Natural Gas Solid Fuel Coal Bad for the Environment Coal is very bad for the environment. Coal causes lots of air pollution and make lots of icky smoke which leads to smog. Have you ever wondered why Germany has this terrible acid rain issue? There's your answer, COAL. Power Plants & Factories Power plants and factories (especially in Germany) use way too much coal. We need LOTS of improving in this area. The amount of coal used in Germany is the cause of the acid rain in the Black Forest. Mining Coal requires lots of mining which is also awful for the environment. The amount of damage that is caused by retrieving coal is unexplainable. Pros and Cons Good Bad environment $$$ Coal is bad news for the environment. Coal causes air pollution which leads to smog which isn't good. Coal also leads to acid bacteria getting in the air which causes acid rain. Coal is cheap but the low prices are not worth the risk of polluting the air more than it already is. Coal is cheap so there are really no major financial blocks. There isn't anything good about coal when it comes to the environment. How We Get Fuel Petroleum/Natural Gas Coal How We Get Petroleum/Natural Gas We get both petroleum AND natural gas the same way, from drilling wells (There is an image located above). These wells are bad, very bad. When you drill for either of these fossil fuels you must drill right into the ground or right into the ocean, and what happens if you drill into the ocean? A potential oil spill!!! Do you know how serious they can be? They can kill wildlife by the thousands and pollute the water to an extreme that could take up to a decade or even longer to recover from. This is BAD, very, very bad. How We Get Coal That coal mine mines over 45,000 tons of coal PER DAY. How bad do you think that is??? We get coal from two kinds of mines, surface and pit mines. Both mines are bad for the environment and need to be stopped as soon as possible. There is no such thing as an environmentally friendly way to retrieve Fossil Fuels!!! Conclusion As you can tell, Fossil Fuels are crushing the environment. You are very lucky because there is hope, you can make a change! Alternative energy is an option and Bella & Parker will tell you about the benefits and ways to use these sources. Sources Videos: YouTube- Audrey Scott, Britannica, and newsworkstoday.
VideoGenerator (made videos playable through firewall): SafeShareTv
Pictures: Google (Google owns rights to all photos)
Information: Ms.Evans notes Thank You!!! We hope this will be thought of as you consider the path we will go down in the fossil fuel future!!!!! An example of everyday use of Natural Gas A picture of petroleum This is coal. This is a suburban neighborhood in Germany. How gross would it be for the pollution around your home to be like that? The Black Forest The Black Forest is an excellent example on why fossil fuels are bad. The Black Forest is having acid rain problems BECAUSE OF FOSSIL FUELS!!! The acid rain is being caused by acid bacteria from COAL based factories and power plants which is getting into the air circulation, ending up in the clouds, and getting rained allover these precious trees that should be getting used for making products to sell. This acid rain is killing them and is crushing the timber production. This is an image of The Black Forest. See how serious this is??? This is a coal mine. This is underground, what should be where this mine is? Tree and plant roots that should be developing healthy trees and plants but instead, this mine is here. This is petroleum. It's stored in cans and barrels This is The Black Forest. Isn't there something missing? Oh right, the rain made trees lose their foliage! http://www.safeshare.tv/w/BloXOLhqzR http://www.safeshare.tv/w/BirtbuyaBs http://www.safeshare.tv/w/oIqzETmWLW
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