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My Prezume Hi, Dear Prezi by José Ulbio Moreno

No description

joc Moreno Mom

on 7 December 2015

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Transcript of My Prezume Hi, Dear Prezi by José Ulbio Moreno

Extracurricular Activities
Sunday school
Type of Activity: Teacher
Type of Activity:

From:2012 To:

International Fellowship of Evangelical Students (IFES)
Comunidad Internacional de Estudiantes Evangélicos
My Name:
My Home Country Contact Information:
Moreno Martínez
José Ulbio
Permanent mailing address in your home country.
Street: Urb. El Molino, Pasaje N-1 Casa Nº32
El Salvador, San Miguel, Sam Miguel, Centro América.
Email address :
Social Network
Correo: jmmz93_@hotmail.com
Universidad De Oriente (UNIVO)
Contac Information:
website: http://www.univo.edu.sv/
Blog: http://www.univo.edu.sv/index.php/blog
Country,City and Town
El Salvador

San Miguel

San Miguel
My Graduation
February 2017
hello! I am José Ulbio nowadays, I am a student of the bachelor degree of english. I'm 20 years old.
Type of Activity: I´M LEADER
2012 To: UNTIL
In El salvador : Moviente Universitario
Contact Information:
Secretary General O this Group is:
Olber Martinez
Contac Information:
2013 To:
Project Implementation. Hours practices
Assistant paymaster
(Ejecución de Proyecto. Horas prácticas), Pagaduría Auxiliar de Educación, Departamental
Empleado de Comercial René. 6ª C. Ote. Nº.306, San Miguel.

Grado Digital, 29-10-2010
Ingles Básicas, 20-12-2011
Taller de Ortografía, 14-03-2012

why would you make the Best Prezi Ambassador on your Campus?
San Miguel. Año 2010-2011
Working Group
Individual work
I be able to
I' m Public Speaker
Communicate with others more clearly
Build overall confidence.
effective member or volunteer. volunteer or even be affectionately coerced to lead or participate in a professional or social organization
....... My Prezume
Fodder that the Spreading of New Technology and of the new Technological as well as pedagogical resources, in our Diary to live as students and the innovation of Presenting Ours Ideas in Prezi is A great opportunity, I Am a capable person, Curiously and determined Be humble give realize that I can always learn more Listen and learn. Learn from your mistakes and the mistakes of others. Persistent in my simple life, working on my ability, and look for opportunities every day to work on them.
This is really important to expanding my possibility reaches my dreams and feeling comfortable that I can do it. In God I trust and all my family, Empathy, flexibility, ability to work in teams or communicate effectively, are some of the most important qualities to highlight and develop myself professionally
As students, need to involved in a recognition and comprehension of the dynamic surrounding a teaching-learning
Everyone thinks , different , I will be, however, always available to working hand-in-hand with Prezi, To spread this new tool.
Create opportunity with the technologies (Prezi) and today more than ever, science is providing us with the tools we need to better tailor our efforts.
Therefore by Our Good Ideas, We can make a better world, I am able to perform this function, I am very skilled and responsible, to do any function.
I m Really social Person in any environment I'm Very Social in Any Environment to find me, I have initiative to develop any activity with the logistics of directing, controlling, Sort, etc.
My guiding principle, "shape your surroundings, based on sound values", is the basis for my work.
My passion is bringing my full potential
My passion, give my full potential , as a human is capable to accomplish, Inspire and motivate, to work on Innovative ways of sharing ideas, that's my motto, I wish, to contribute to the transform others and the world, developing curiosity, make all the imagination, reality, to create a world of New Ideas.

Interactive Conference
Prezi contest
Classes Prezi
Three Main Actions and Steps to PREZIFICAR my Campus
Interactive Conference
Prezi Classes
Prezi Contest
To announce By Conferences the Program PREZI
Give More information about Prezi By leaflets and posters
Organize classes into the University
Teach, How to create a count?
Also all the Elements of Prezi
Finally we have a prezi Contest
The People, who want to participate in the contest they can create a their own Prezi.
and Select the winner.
The Main Important values for me are:
share ideas
We’re curious
Because Curiosity allows you to shed light on your troubles, thoughts, and personal circumstances. It motivates you to uncover the truth about the nuances of your life. When curiosity is properly honed, it serves as a vehicle for establishing personal goals, All that seems obvious in life is not necessarily true. A curious person doesn't just take someone’s word for it; they discover the truth for themselves
sharing ideas is worth it. we are humans and humans are thinkers. We think! When we think about something we form ideas or opinions.
have something in common and that we can use as a tool
Las Palmeras baptist church ´s
Contact Information
Pastor: Fredy Galeas
Phone Number 72228845
(A-) =4.5
GPA or international equivalent
Thank you
Music By Kenny Chesney

Google Pictrus: by Fancy Rooms and Naturals places .com
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