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Makah Whaling

Washington State History CBA

Josh Dronen

on 16 February 2012

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Transcript of Makah Whaling


What is a CBA
C - Classroom
B - Based
A - Assessment
What is Culture ?
In their language, the Makah are "people of the cape"
Archeological research has documented well over 2000 years of Makah life and culture
Where Did they Live
For generations, they inhabited a large portion of the Olympic Peninsula
Makah Indians
How Will it be Graded?
Makah Traditions
and Culture

The Makah hunted several varieties of whale, but concentrated on the gray whale.
whalers occupied positions of high prestige in Makah society
Paddling large cedar canoes carved from the trunk of a single tree, Makahs regularly hunted and fished 30 or 40 miles, and sometimes more than 100 miles, out to sea
Think About It....
What makes culture so important to an indvidual?

How do cultural traditions influence people?
Essential Questions
: How does culture define who a person is?

What measures should be taken in order to preserve cultural values?
Learning Targets:

I will meet the requirements needed to successfully complete the 10th grade CBA.

I will gain a stronger understanding of the Makah culture and its current conflicts.

I critically analyze the importance of culture to individuals and larger populations.
Question: In order to preserve their culture is it justifiable to allow the Makah Indians to hunt whales?
Commercial whaling dropped the grey whale population to near extinction

In 1946, the International Whaling Commission (IWC) was formed, initially to conserve whales

Later, the U.S. government placed the gray whale on the Endangered Species List
Grey Whale Population
Opposition to Whaling Rights
Starting in 1996, the Makah sought permission from the International Whaling Commission to take up to five gray whales annually. Honoring the 1855 treaty, the U.S. government strongly supported the tribe's request.
More than 350 groups from 27 countries opposed the tribe's plans
December 20, 2002, a three-judge ruled that although the hunt would not have any significant impact on the overall gray whale population, the court halted the hunt until a full fledged environmental impact statement evaluating those impacts is prepared
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