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No description

Sanchez Kennedy

on 13 May 2014

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Transcript of Rosalie

Each house I lived in became your favorite.
Each house you lived in became your favorite.
You lived in the country.
I live in the country by Sundown.
Outside toilets because of no electricity.
Inside toilets because of electricity.
Big oiled stove in the middle of the house.
Air Conditioning all over the house.
Everybody looking at you like you're going do sometihing wrong.
Everybody looking at you like you're going do sometihing wrong.
Best birthday was with friends.
Best birthday was with friends.
You like to watch sports.
I play and watch sports.
You never sang or play musical instrument.
Don't sing but play alto sax.
Born in Feburary 8,1926.
I was born on Feburary 16,2003.
You lived with six family members.
There is four people in family members.
You shared a bedroom with three girls.
I have my very own bedroom.
You wanted to be a teacher.
I want to be a sports announcer.
You had 2 older sisters.
I am the oldest brother and I have one brother.
Family celebrated on own or with family.
Same thing
You want people to remember about you is worked hard and never picked favorites
I want people to remember was caring and strong work ethic.
Final Good Bye
Dear Rosalie,
You made me feel special because you lisitened to anything you ever said. I learned how you lived back in the day. I think we both had a lot. The letters we did were hard work but fun. I think we can both agree that it has been a long but fun journey.
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