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World War II Scrapbook Project

No description

Mary Claire Lemoine

on 15 April 2016

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Transcript of World War II Scrapbook Project

Bombing of Pearl Harbor
Mary Claire Lemoine
By: Mary Claire Lemoine
World War II - Bombing of Pearl Harbor
February 1939- Because of the threat the U.S had in the Pacific, Japan started war plans to deal with this. They created a plan to conduct a large naval battle and destroy the American Navy. Which would result in Japan's expansion in Asia.
January 1940- Yamamoto created the plan to destroy the U.S. Navy and its people in Hawaii.
July 1940- A trade embargo was made which resulted in increased bad blood and political problems with Japan.
January 1941- Yamamoto asked other Japanese officials if the attack on Pearl Harbor was possible, they said yes but difficult.
February 1941- As the Japanese finalized their plans for attack, Americans were prepared to defend the American land. The Commanding General of the Hawaiian Department also prepared Hawaii for the attack.
March 1941- Takeo Yoshikawa arrives on Oahu as a spy to find information about their opponent.
April 1941- The US continued to monitor the Japanese secret messages.
July 1941- Yamamoto trained his forces and finalized the official plans for the attack.
November 1941- Japan wanted the U.S. to agree to its southern expansion but if they failed , they would decided to go to war. The first Japanese submarines departed Japan as well as aircraft carriers and escorts.
December 7- The first wave of the Japanese attack began.

Major Events
Historical Photographs
News Clippings
Work Cited Page
December 7, 1941

Date: 1941
After the bombing occurred, they used propaganda as a tool to gain more men for the war against Japan.
All of these photographs represent scarring images and the truth behind how horrific the bombing of pearl harbor was. These images will be forever embedded into our brains and never forgotten.
These new clippings show the effect the bombing had on the US and our immediate reaction to it afterwords. They date back to 1941, when the attack was first initiated.
This image was used as propaganda after the bombing to convince men to go into war against Japan.
This was the aircraft used by the Japanese for the second bombing of Pearl Harbor.
American soldiers being honored in Pearl Harbor after 74 years of the bombing.
Dear Mom,
As of now I am laying in a hospital bed. But don't worry, I am not as badly injured as the others. I'm not quite sure what happened at 8 am this morning but I know that it will change American lives all across the country and lead us to war. I was in my home doing my morning chores and heard an unspeakable noise. It blasted through the windows and nearly knocked the house down. I heard screaming, crying, and people calling for their loved ones. I heard ambulance sirens and police yelling "i found a body." Bodies piled up everywhere. I saw dust and debris covering the streets. I was at lost for words and scared for my life. After an hour later the second bombing happened. This time, it sent my body in the air only to knock me back down which caused excruciating pain. I couldn't move. It felt like an eternity until someone found my laying there helpless. When I was taken to the hospital, I gained the inside on what happened. I watched President Franklin Roosevelt coordinate a speech on how the Japanese have bombed us and we are declaring war. I am writing to you today in hopes you will receive my letter and come see me. Best of luck.
Love, your daughter
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