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Literacy Timeline

An interactive timeline of major events in my literacy history including books that I read during each major time period.

Michelle Billings

on 13 February 2013

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Transcript of Literacy Timeline

Beyond (at UNCG): Ages 29-Present (30) 1985-1987 Preschool:
Ages 3-5 1991 - 1993 Grades 4 - 6:
Ages 9 - 11 High School: Grades 10 - 12
Ages 15 - 17 College (UNC-Charlotte): Ages 18-28 2011-2013 1982-2013 Michelle's Literacy
Timeline 2 7 2000-2010 1 Birth - Age 2 1982-1984 My first memory of books and reading
is of my mom reading a story out of a
book of Bible stories for children every
night. All mom had to do to get me in bed was to lie down on my bed with the Bible stories book.

After she had read that same book to me one story at a time multiple times, she moved on to Dr. Seuss books and different fairy tales. Mama began building a library of books for me, mostly consisting of those Golden Books that used to be everywhere. She would pick one up at the store nearly every week!

When my grandma kept me so my mom could work on the farm, she would watch Sesame Street with me. As I got older I
continued to love
hearing stories and
looking at books. Even at this
early age, my mom and
grandma took me to the
library to pick out books.
These were some favorites!
My grandpa liked to tell me
tall tales at this age and other
stories. I still liked Sesame
Street, but also loved
Mister Rogers!
3 Kindergarden - 3rd Grade:
Ages 5 - 8 1987 - 1990 As I learned to read, I went back to
all of those Golden Books that Mom
had bought for me.
I also loved the Childcraft books!
My aunt bought a set for me at a
yard sale one weekend.
I fell in love with Alf, Gremlins,
Rainbow Brite, and She-Ra. I loved
reading and watching the tv shows.
I read more books than any other
student in my elementary school
when I was in 3rd grade. My prize
was throwing a pie into the
principal's face.
Late elementary school, I started
getting into the chapter books.
Wherever I was, you could count
on me having a book with
me! 4 My 4th grade teacher read to us
as a class throughout the year on
Fridays. She started with Judy Blume books and eventually read to us from Where the Sidewalk Ends.
On my own, I loved Beverly Cleary and the Goosebumps books by R.L. Stine. With my grandpa, I would look at Our State Magazine starting in 4th grade.
Same as before, I
loved reading; I
devoured every
book in sight! 1994 - 1996 Grades 7 - 9: Ages 12 - 14 5 As voracious of a reader as I was, I should
have been reading books that were higher
than they were at the time. I went from
reading Where the Red Fern Grows and
Hatchet in middle school to having to read
Les Miserables over the summer before
9th grade started, because I was in honors
At the end of 6th grade, my math teacher
gave me a box full of the Fear Street books
by R. L. Stine. I loved them, and read a lot
before I went to high school.
After the court case with my dad where he
tried to get custody, I stopped reading very
much for pleasure. I just read what I had to
for school. We read lots of texts like Robert
Frost poetry, the Glass Menagerie, Romeo
and Juliet, Huck Finn, A Separate Peace, and
Their Eyes were Watching God.
I took a lot of spelling tests during 7th and
8th grades. For the first time, I had
regular vocabulary tests starting in 9th
grade, and no more spelling tests.
I really became interested in current
events and started reading the news-
paper with my grandpa during the
summer between 8th & 9th grades. 6 1997-1999 Throughout high school, I only read what I had to read for English class or for my other classes. Reading for pleasure had completely stopped altogether.
At my high school, in honors and AP English, we mostly read the "classics" that are considered to be "canon." We read lots of Shakespeare and other plays. My favorite book would probably be Grendel in the 12th grade to get a different point of view. I also liked 1984 when I read it in 10th grade.
Other than writing letters to my friends to pass in the hallway in between classes, I only wrote and read what I had to in order to maintain my grades.
Most of my extra time after school was spent in the Air Force JROTC room, where I developed printouts to help our unit be organized and where I led the Awareness Presentation Team (APT). I wrote and created speeches on topics such as coming to high school, drug abuse, and how to be successful in school. For the first time, I had my computer and internet access in my dorm/bedroom. I started reading for pleasure again, especially with being able to search for anything online. I also finally joined the cell phone world, and a few years into college, I finally started texting.
Most of my reading was still textbooks for my college courses or young adult novels. However, I took a lot of time off from school (years at a time) to take care of my grandparents when they were sick. During those times, I had plenty of time to read for pleasure. I started getting into series like Harry Potter and the Chronicles of Narnia. I read a lot of poetry, especially from Gwendolyn Brooks and Billy Collins. I tried to read books that would possibly help me to be a better teacher.
Something else I delved into during these years was the world of video games. RPG's like Final Fantasy have a lot that you have to read in them.
Later, I got into World of Warcraft, and while the game itself doesn't require too much reading, I found myself typing a lot and reading even more as I talked to my friends in the game. In the past few years, I have been doing a LOT of reading in textbooks for school since I transferred to UNCG from UNCC. However, I also try to find time to read for pleasure.
My favorite series right now is the Sookie Stackhouse series by Charlaine Harris on which the HBO show True Blood is based.
I do a lot of reading about Adult ADD and strategies to cope and help make life easier, since I have ADD.
I loved listening to and sharing oral histories with my grandma. She passed away in May, but I continue to try to compile and remember the stories she and my grandpa told me.
My summers are usually full of reading for me...book after book, I take them in over the summer when I have more time.
I also continue to read journal articles and books to hopefully help me be a better future teacher.
I read more now than I ever have to learn more about certain topics on my own: doing family history, health topics, gardening, etc.
I currently have nearly 4 large bookshelves full of books (most of which I have read). I plan on using many of them in my classroom as part of my classroom library. 8
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