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The Adverb

A presentation on adverbs

Maggie Goodwin

on 1 August 2013

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Transcript of The Adverb

The adverb
An adverb is a word that modifies a verb, adjective,or another adverb.
By: Maggie G. and Bethany R.
What is an Adverb?..........
When was the adverb created......
Made in the late 14th century from Latin adverbium literature from ad- "to"+ verbum "verb" which is to verb. Credit for Flavius Sosipater Charisius
Now for a video clip of adverbs
Here is a picture of some common adverbs.
Here are some examples of adverbs used in sentences.
1. She walked slowly.
2. The kids are playing together.
3. He did his homework neatly.
4. The dog barked loudly.
1. slowly
2. together
3. neatly
4. loudly
*Bonus Point= Use one of these adverbs in a sentence.*
* 5 things you should ALWAYS ask yourself when you're using an adverb.*
"How Adverbs" tell how something is done. Here is an example.
The ballerina twirled gracefully.
How did she twirl? She twirled gracefully.

"When Adverbs" tell when something happened or when something is going to happen.
April's birthday party is tomorrow.
When is her birthday party? Her party is tomorrow.

"Where Adverbs" tell where something happened or where something is going to happen.
In college, my sister may study abroad.
Where will she study? She will study abroad.

"To what extent Adverbs" tell how much something is going to be done.
She jumped extremely high over the hurdle.
How high did she jump? She jumped extremely high.

"Under what condition Adverbs" are basically the same as "To what extent Adverbs". They both tell how much something is going to be done.
I hope you now know what an adverb is and how to properly use one. We hope you extremely enjoyed our presentation
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