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Inherited Traits and Learned Behaviors

No description

Sarah Powell

on 21 February 2014

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Transcript of Inherited Traits and Learned Behaviors

Inherited Traits and Learned Behaviors
Animal inherited traits
These traits are physical characteristics. Such as:
body coverings
Plant inherited traits
These traits are physical characteristics. Such as:
leaf type and shape
flower color
possessing thorns
A camels hump is an inherited trait
A dog playing fetch is a learned behavvior
A birds beak is an inherited trait.
Eye Color
I am a___________-eyed, ________.
(color) (gender)
I use my________hand to write.
(right or left)
Are there more males or females in class?
What eye color do most of us have?
Are there more left or right handed people?

the small child comes when she hears her mother call her name.

the tiger has black stripe

a bear hibernates during the winter

the dolphins at the theme park jump through hoops.

the duck has white feathers and webbed feet.

the telephone rings, and a secretary picks it up.
the dogwood tree has pink blooms

an opossum plays dead as an enemy approaches

the cow walks to the fence when the farmer's truck approaches

the flock of geese flies south for the winter.

a seal balances a ball on its nose

a cat meows at the door when it wants inside.

Learned Behaviors
Also known as acquired traits; refer to the actions of an organism in relation to its environment or other organisms.
Such as:
a dog fetching a stick
a horse galloping

Learned behaviors CANNOT be passed down genetically.
They are taught to offspring, these will also help it survive in their environment.

Inherited Traits
A characteristic that is passed from parent to it offspring.
Inherited or Learned
A fifth grader has blue eyes

a dog fetches a stick

a teacher writes on the broad with her left hand

a driver stops at a red light

the soldiers march in a straight line

the horse is brown with a black mane

Inherited traits
are passed down genetically from parent to offspring.

Learned Behaviors
are actions of an organism in relation to its environment or other organisms.
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