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International Business

Article report

Amanda Kurdy

on 4 June 2010

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Transcript of International Business

The Emperor's Clothes The Economist The media industry over the past year Decline in housing and car industry were the major factors. They suppressed print and television advertising Febuary 27th, 2010 The Growing Crisis The Period of Calm Up until a few years ago, the media industries were on a track of steady incline in income and stock value The Satisfying Triumph Against Overwhelming Odds In February many large scale media companies started reporting unexpectedly good earnings

Ex: CBS was trading at $3 a share in March of 2009. In February of 2009 CBS was trading at $13 Record numbers were set for things like ticket sales (Avatar) and television viewer numbers (for the Super Bowl and the Olympics) Suspicions that cities would be left with no newspapers were never realized More Good News New technologies in media are being introduced Organic light television
3D Television
Media firms are putting more focus into content Time Warner- AOL
Ticketmaster + Live Nation
The Reversal The SUV fashion and oil prices In the past industries who have become overzealous have had to pay for it in the long run. Plot Devices Online Technologies are becoming an obstacle in the way of media Disintermediate (Bypassing firms)
De-aggregate (To turn a product into technology)
Should the focus be on media playing devices Plot Line and Characters A period of calm
A growing conflict
A triumph against overwhelming odds
A kiss/ or a reversal (Reversal- A plot device where the hero who seems to be making progress abruptly finds himself worse off) Hero- Media
Villain- On line advertising
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