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BIM Scotland

Presentation from the first BIM Scotland presentation on 27 November 2011.

Derek Jones

on 23 November 2012

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Transcript of BIM Scotland

Operate and Maintain Manufacture and Assembly Prototype and Design Define and Validate Question 2 ? What is BIM Define and Validate “everything you need to know about your building, forever” 1.1 Concept Design modelling create easily, quickly edit quickly early output =
better communication BIM 'what if?' testing Revit output to Photoshop provides quick graphic deliverables "Concept BIM allows the designer(s) to reclaim the sketchbook - the software does not (and should not) dictate what is designed - it informs the design, allowing us to make better decisions faster." A B or Question 3 ? Is BIM a magical solution to everything CLIENT BRIEF Define and Validate Define and Validate Define and Validate 1.2 Concept Model Analysis 1.3 Concept Detail Studies 1.4 Concept Visualisation Prototype and Design 2.1 Single Environment "Because everything is in the same place, it becomes easy to see everything together - meaning that the design is coordinated from the start." 2.2 Collaborative Environment Prototype and Design 2.3 Design for Construction Prototype and Design 2.4 Design Team and Client Benefits Prototype and Design model information direct output output to photoshop 3.1 Widening the Design Team Manufacture and Asembly 3.2 Construction Process Delivery Manufacture and Asembly 3.3 Efficiency of Construction Information 3.4 Construction Design Question 4 ? Manufacture and Asembly Manufacture and Asembly 4.1 Life after Construction Operate and Mainatin Operate and Maintain 4.2 BIM and FM Operate and Mainatain 4.3 Repeat the Cycle 4.4 What's the Future? Operate and Maintain concept level detail "Even at the concept stage we are now starting to be able to make real design decisions that would have taken weeks to answer." early 'what if' studies "Think of it being like designing with diagrams - but diagrams that have meaning in them. When you change the diagram, it tells you what the effect of the change is. "For the first time in a long time we have the opportunity to close the gap between design and manufcture, allowing a better understanding of process by all members of the team." design detail manufacture construct “Our 3D BIM model allowed us to explain how we are going to build the project. The developers said we demonstrated a discipline on the process that they’d never seen before.” James Eaton, Laing O Rourke validation coordination optimisation "Bim is not a software solution - it is a process underpinned by technology and collaborative working." David Light, HOK "Coordination and collaboration become embedded aspects of the process - not a separate action." "Experience of how buildings go together is much more valuable a commodity in BIM. Get your experienced users in it now." "A side benefit of BIM is that there is a model ... saving time when it comes to visualisation and presentation." "After months or years of work, an information model shouldn't just be archived - it represents a valuable repository of information, fully configurable and usable with the right tools." "By the way, you may have heard that BIM is good for scheduling and all that boring stuff - it is, but it can do so much more." efficiency "when you are talking around an information model, you can see exactly what it is everyone is talking about - it might sound trivial, but that really makes a difference." "Visualisation in BIM isn't just about looking at the model - you can 'see' information: energy, cost, space use - anything you can put a value against can be visualised." "Those who don't use it are in danger of being Betamaxed out of the market." Paul Morrell,
Government Chief Construction Advisor "Using design information collaboratively has been shown to produce cost savings of up to 10% ... yet BIM is still a minority activity." why is uptake so low 27 October 2011 BIM Scotland #BIMSCOTLAND Thomas Lane, Building Magazine "The start of a BIM project can be information 'rich' as well - why does a design brief have to be 2D?" "The only safe prediction about the future is that we have no idea what it will be like - could you imagine the world without the internet now?" What next "...if you’re not on board with BIM now, you’re missing out on one of the biggest opportunities of our era." ? Cost of change Legal implications Institutional change "Level 2 federated" 2016:
Level 2 BIM maturity for all public projects 3D Model
2D reviewable DDs
COBie UK 2012 data set

(Oh, and soft landings)
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