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Writing Across the Curriculum

PHS October 8

Carol Trovall

on 7 October 2012

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Transcript of Writing Across the Curriculum

Writing Across the Curriculum Discover ways to help students use writing to deepen their understanding of course content Understand the short answer rubric Create common language for short answer responses Venn Diagram Sample #4 Sample #1 Composition / Essay Short Answer Response AP/Pre-AP Free Response The act of putting pen to paper encourages pause for thought, this in turn makes us think more deeply about life, which helps us regain our equilibrium. 
~Norbet Platt SP 3 (exemplary): idea is perceptive and text evidence is specific and well chosen. Sample #4 The stage directions most definitely help to get an image of the scene in the play. In a short story or novel, authors use words to describe the setting that the characters are in, which helps to paint a visual image in the reader’s mind. Descriptions like “a small figure, a child, sits on a battered suitcase” and directions as to who a character is turned talking to like “to Anne” help the reader see what is happening, just like descriptions in a novel or short story. The reader can definitely see the play being acted out in their minds, which helps them to understand the scenes better and connect with the characters just by reading. (9 lines handwritten.) Sample #4 The stage directions help a lot because you can create better pictures in your head about what is going on. When the story says “[Anne clutches her bag. She is terrified]” shows Anne is scared without Anne having to say it. (5 lines handwritten) Sample #3 Sample #2 SP 1 (partially sufficient): idea (answer) is specific, but the text evidence is only a general reference. Sample #1 In “Anne of Green Gables” I believe the stage directions enhance the understanding of the scene. Some evidence to prove it is all of the first paragraph. It enhances the understanding of the scene by introducing the main character, setting the scene, and setting the mood. Without the stage directions it’s all confusing. Some more text evidence is all of paragraph 8. It enhances the scene by introducing a man who is to adopt Anne and what his character is like. In conclusion I believe the stage directions enhance the scene because without them it’s very confusing. (7 lines handwritten) Sample #1 In this excerpt from Anne of Green Gables, do the stage directions enhance your understanding of the scene? Explain your answer and support it with evidence from the selection.

(10 lines max) Sample 2012-2013 Instructional Focus
Writing in ELA & Across Contents Multiple Choice Written Response Performance / Product Yes it does enhance my understanding, it describes Anne to me. It lets me know that she’s waiting for something or someone and that she might be unfortunate. “The child wears a too-large overcoat.” (5 lines handwritten)
SP 1 (partially sufficient): idea is specific but text evidence is only weakly linked to the idea SP 2 (sufficient): idea is specific and text evidence is relevant and accurate
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