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1st Grade - Me as a Family Pet

Paper Collage Mask

Michelle Land

on 29 September 2013

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Transcript of 1st Grade - Me as a Family Pet

1st Grade -
Me as a Family Pet

What do you notice in this picture?
How do you think the people in this family feel about one another?
How do you think they feel about the pet?
How do you think the pet feels about the people?
What makes you think that?
Why do you think some families have pets?
Mask Examples
Bear Mask, Rick Bartow,
Mad River Wiyot
Art Challenge
The mask should:
be of an imagined pet.
include physical features such as eyes, ears, beak, whiskers, etc.
use at least three of the following 3D paper sculpture techniques: folding, looping, curling, fringing, and layering.
exhibit good technical skill and craftsmanship.
Create a mask to represent a family
pet animal that you would like to be.
Masks & Puppets, Michael Curry
What would it be like to have these animals as pets in your family?
How would the animal feel to be a pet in your family?
What do you notice about these masks?
Why might these people be wearing masks and how it might feel to wear a mask and imagine becoming an animal?
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