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Enhanced WebAssign (EWA)

Learn how utilizing an online assessment tool can enhanced the classroom experience for both students and instructors.

Daniel Grundei

on 27 August 2010

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Transcript of Enhanced WebAssign (EWA)

Enhanced WebAssign (EWA) What if . . .
You could easily deliver individualized assignments with hints? What if . . .
You could spend less time grading homework and more time teaching? What if . . .
All of your students came to class prepared and motivated to learn? What Challenges do Instructors, Students, & Administration face? Instructors Students Administration How do I keep my students engaged? How do I adjust to the 'new normal' of diminished resources & fewer TA's due to budget cuts? How can I spot class deficiencies early, save time, and improve class outcomes? If the "message is the medium", how do I avoid looking like a dinosaur to today's Millennials? I need flexibility to balance my academic, work, & personal life like never before. How do I save money, and minimize debt? What other activities can I participate in that will directly impact my grade? Is the cost of a college education the next bubble?
Are we demonstrating value to increasingly skeptical parents and students?
How do we remain relevant thought leaders in the wholesale transformation of learning to digital mediums ?
Why Enhanced WebAssign?
Why Now? Quite Simply, EWA addresses the needs of Instructors, Students, & Administrators. Let's take a look. For Students – EWA provides flexibility, accountability, cost savings and a concrete, systemic, and practice oriented method to improve their grade.
For Professors – EWA addresses resource constraints, inefficiencies in class administration, and the ability to have better prepared students for in class lecture and discussions. For College Administrators – EWA provides a framework to deliver a systemic, repeatable, outcomes based reporting system that is scalable, simple to administer and enhances accreditation qualifications. Common Misconceptions
about EWA "It's too hard to setup" "It's too expensive" "My students won't like it" "It's going to take too
much of my time" "It's not really going
to improve outcomes" Realities of EWA This is tiny
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