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Otto Messmer 2.0

No description

Saby Zak

on 22 April 2010

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Transcript of Otto Messmer 2.0

O T T O M E S S M E R Otto Messmer
Animator of
Felix the Cat In 1919 he animated
"Feline Follies" Feline Follies was a feature film starring Master Tom the cat Master Tom became the
prototype for Felix the Cat Felix the Cat was the first animated film developed for screens He was inspired by the works of
Windsor McCay like
"How a mosquito operates" Felix was featured in hundreds of animations Felix the Cat in Hollywood Notice the choice of mosquitoes,
likely a reference to McCay. Felix typically tries to help
but often gets shafted Hower he often gets his
way in the end Also notice his emotion and actions With no sound he must use
exagerated eye and body movements
to display his emotions It is also a signature of Felix to do 'fantastic' things He
Turns his body into bags
Disguises himself as an umbrella
Turns his tail into a cane Felix's cute character gained mass appeal Messmer's character was the first to be
mass marketed & licensed for toys, clothes, clocks, ect Fans loved his signature
"Felix Pace" & "Laffing" Otto was highly interested in
drawing and cinema as a kid He learned how to animate
by the teachings of Hy Mayer
in 1914 He became a national phenomenon
The first "Mickey Mouse" "Oceantics" Oceantics was a later animation of Felix Messmer's tequnique got better
his art is more shaded giving off better
depth Felix also has a voice for simple sounds Felix still does his 'fantastic' thing The sound is not synced though The Fall of Felix By 1931 most studios began moving to sound films But the studio making Felix did not make the change Eventually as the silent films became less popular Felix largely died out Messmer worked on various jobs
through the 40s-50s
including several Popeye episodes Felix was revived in the 60s for TVs It had a host of new characters and objects Otto Messmer kept working on Felix
until his death in 1983 He died of a heart attack
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