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Food In The Colonial Times

No description

Maggie Zhang

on 25 March 2014

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Transcript of Food In The Colonial Times

You are now reaching for the corn in the middle of the table. The colonies also had corn! The corn was sweet so you loved it.
Wheat are starting to grow in the fields.
Fish lays dead on the plate with sauce spread around it. You can just smell the sauce that your mother made and put on the fish.
The End! I hope you enjoyed the tasty foods!! :)
Sweet Corn
The Fish
The fish on the plate with sauce
was bought from one of your local
market stores. The sauce was also
Colonial Times
The fish on the plate was fished
out from the sea. It was cleaned by
the women or young girls. The
sauces are homemade.
Some women and young girls are out in the fields planting and harvesting wheat or crops. After wheat are collected, they
start making different types of materials
out of wheat. They would make flour
which they can use to make bread. This
was in the colonial times.
Today we can grow wheat and sell it or
buy it or even make it ourselves if you
know how.
Tuesday, February 25, 2014
Vol XCIII, No. 311
The Chicken Meal
Delicious Chicken
How does the colonies families get their spice?
Remember the chicken on the table and you a surrounded by your family? Well back in the colonial times, colonial families did the same thing! After a long day of chores and work, they settle at the table ready to eat. Like today, they are surrounded by their families. Everyone is very hungry so let's eat!
Families get their spice from trading with other states. They would trade a
specific items with another specific items. Spices help the families get their
foods to smell better and taste better. This was in the colonial times.
Today we get out spices by going to the store. Spices are sometimes made
by hand or are being bought or traded.

Food In The Colonial Times
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