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The BNA Act

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Patrick Filipowicz

on 7 November 2013

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Transcript of The BNA Act

The BNA Act
What Is The BNA Act˙
The BNA act is the original name for a series of acts called the Constitution Acts. This act allowed the Canadian Government the right to pass laws with approval from the British Parliament, and established the Dominion of Canada. It allowed Canada to become less dependent on the British and gave Canada a little more freedom than before. The BNA act basically structured how the Canadian government system would work.
How Did The Act Become What It Is?
In 1864 Canadians at the Quebec Conference drafted the BNA act and it passed through the British Parliament. It was then signed by Queen Victoria on March 29, 1867, and soon came into play on July 1st, 1867.
How Was The New Government Designed?
The BNA act enabled a Federal system. It allowed provinces to have their own legislature, and a parliament system for the whole country. The BNA act also allowed parliament to have two houses: Representation by Population in House of Commons, and Equal Representation in the Senate. The House of Commons would be elected by voters and the Senate was appointed by the Prime Minister. The BNA act created a new Hierarchy:
Prime Minister
In conclusion, the BNA act or the Constitution Act made Canada more of its own country. It made Canada more independent from Britain. It allowed Canada to pass its own laws with approval from Britain. The BNA act changed the format of Canada's government, created a different Hierarchy system. It allowed Canada to make more decisions on its own as a country.
Bain, Colin M., Pearson Canadian History. Toronto, Ont.: Pearson Education Canada, 2008.
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