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Elementary Assistant Principal

No description

Claire Springer

on 19 May 2015

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Transcript of Elementary Assistant Principal

Passion for Curriculum & Instruction
My Roots
Born & Raised "Dentonite"
Higher Education
Bachelors in Elementary Education
Masters in Educational Administration
Professional Experience
Frisco Independent School District
Passionate about PLC
Passion for Professional Growth
"People don't care how much you know, until they know how much you care!"
What can I contribute?
Grow where you are planted!
Communicate and build deep relationships with all stakeholders.
Develop a campus culture of collaboration and teamwork while having a growth mindset.
Include all stakeholders in the decision making process.
Deepen understanding of the TEKS and Curriculum & Instruction.
Facilitate and run the RTI and SST Committee.
Experience in both Title I and affluent populations.
Desire to collaborate and learn from my principal in order to grow myself as a professional and administrator.
Passion for Student Achievement
Differentiation in the classroom is imperative for student success!
Student Support Team
Data Collection
Elementary Assistant Principal

Claire Springer
Analyze TEKS & District Data K-5
Create Scope & Sequence and Curriculum Documents
Create engaging Mentor Lessons
Engage teachers in their learning
Explain district and campus expectations
Encourage best practice for student success
No More Independent Reading Without Support
Campus Wide Book Study
What do we believe as a campus?
Three Pillars: Classroom Libraries, Partnerships, Teacher Tidbits

Backwards Planning for Learning
Unpacking the TEKS
Identify the TEKS to be taught
Pull out the Content, Rigor, and Specificity
Create student friendly Learning Targets
Design Common Formative Assessments
Identify Student & Teacher Behaviors
Assessment & Data
"Assessment is the bridge between teaching & learning." -Dylan Williams
Student Support Team
Campus Liaison
Leader of campus RTI committee
Create action plans and follow up with teachers
Demonstrate proper RTI documentation
Assist Assistant Principal in the organization process of SST and work closely with all stakeholders
Small Group Instruction
Teacher Behaviors to Look For:
Flexible, fluid groups
Differentiated Instruction
Scaffolding Learning
Hands on Materials & Problem Solving
Vertical Commitments
Collaborative Learning Times
Weekly Vertical Meetings
Weekly Learning Walks
K-5 Collaboration
Culture & Climate
Relationships Matter!
Mission & Vision
Common Goals
Growth Mindset
Team Building
Backwards Planning
Collaborative Planning
Data Talks
Student Success
Questions to Ask:
Are students learning what they are supposed to be learning?
Are they learning it at the appropriate level?
Are they highly engaged?
Formative Assessments
Common Formative Assessments
Summative Assessments
Curriculum Writer for FISD, 2012-present
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