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Shark Tank presentation (for co-edit feature)

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Raphael Kim

on 21 November 2013

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Transcript of Shark Tank presentation (for co-edit feature)

Shark Tank Project - Autotranslate
By: Katelyn O'Brien, Raphael Kim,
Drew Pierce, and Jonathan Wendrock

Business Plan
We will be located in Raleigh, NC in Research Triangle Park
Errors and suggestions can be submitted through our website
Our App Developers will be responsible for the troubleshooting and updating of our product
$20,500: Three months of ads in
$6,400: Place an ad in "Lead and
Succeed Business Seminar"
$3,000: Website Creation and Domain
$100: Put app in the appstore

We will need $30,000 to develop our app
We will charge $2.99 for our app on the app store
Apple will take 30% for every app purchased And We will give you 10% that leaves us with a profit of $1.20 for every app purchased
Our product allows you to
communicate with others in different languages
by translating your native language into a foreign language in seconds!!!
Due to time-space compression having a bigger impact the world is becoming a smaller place every day. But the amount of languages isn't decreasing anytime soon.

Translators and interpreters are in demand in the real world, they are the 4th fastest growing profession in the US

Companies are reaching out internationally for business and trade.
The need for cheap and reliable interlingual communication is undeniable.
Autotranslate can help people of all ages. It is suited for doctors, business men, avid travelers, teachers, or anyone who would interact with others from different countries.
This products competition would be the other translators like google translate and other translating apps. But, ours is different because our app allows you to make a call through it and translates the other person on the other line.
Our Competition:
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