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Marie Antoinette Timeline

No description

Lucas Paiva

on 22 October 2013

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Transcript of Marie Antoinette Timeline

Marie Antoinette Timeline
November 2nd, 1755
Marie Antoinette is born, daughter of Francis I and Maria Teresa of Austria, in the Imperial Palace of Hofsburg, in Viena. She is the children number fifteen.
April 21st, 1770
Marie Antoinette leaves Austria, forever, going to meet her future husband, Luis XVI, in French territory.
May 16th, 1770
She gets married with the dauphin of France, Luis XVI, but with an unknown reason, the couple doesn't consummate the marriage.
April 19th, 1774
She shows her first opera in France, with Christoph Gluck, which was a success in the Royal Family
May 10th, 1774
Luis XV dies of smallpox, and she takes on as the Queen of France, side-by-side with her husband, Luis XVI
December 19th, 1778
Marie Antoinette finally gives birth to a girl, called Maria Teresa. The whole court watched the parturition, when she had a hemorrhage and passed out
November 29th, 1780
Maria Teresa of Austria, her mother, dies and she passes by terrible moments. Supported by her husband, she was pregnant again.
October 22nd, 1781
Marie Antoinette gives birth again, but this time, the successor of the throne is born, Luis XVII of France
November 1st, 1783
In her third time pregnant, the Queen suffered from a miscarriage, which gave her months of pain
October 5th, 1789
Versailles is attacked by a mob and she has to leave to Tuileries Palace, in Paris, with the Royal Family.
by Lucas Paiva and Vinícius Franco
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