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Using Twitter for Research

How Twitter can aid in your career as a researcher

Martin Eve

on 12 November 2011

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Transcript of Using Twitter for Research

Using Twitter for Research A workshop to build, from scratch, the confidence and ability to use the social network Twitter to forge research connections, engage with the public and further your academic career. Martin Paul Eve m.eve@sussex.ac.uk Released under a Creative Commons attribution, non-commercial, share-alike license. https://www.martineve.com @martin_eve What is Twitter? Micro-blogging
Real time and broadcast
Open conversation What features does Twitter have? Public messages
@ mentions
RTs Why use Twitter? Connect
Build profile
Filter #phdchat
#profchat Overload
Echo chamber Criticisms of Twitter Photo by Mega Udonitron under a CC-BY-NC-SA license
http://www.flickr.com/photos/bobenis/ http://www.twitter.com
Name (real?)
Password Let's get started... Sending your first Tweet Brief introduction to yourself
Suffix with: #sussextwitter "I'm Martin, a researcher at the University of Sussex. Hello Twitter! #sussextwitter" Finding people to follow Go back to home
Search for #sussextwitter
Follow everybody who just tweeted To flag attention
A message - NOT PRIVATE Tweeting @ somebody "@martin_eve thanks for the workshop! #sussextwitter" Direct Messaging "D martin_eve super secret tweet" Totally private Mechanism which ranks tweets
Find tweet you like. Click retweet. Retweeting "RT @martin_eve a tweet you'll like #sussextwitter" A few gotchas... #FF?
Do't do that in public! Moving on Any questions? The web interface is annoying and impractical
We can fix that!

Twitterfall Twitter as a platform An easy one to start with Twitterfall

Have a play Seminars

Backchannels aren't always bad Applications TweetDeck Not the only client

... but to my mind the best
Mentions, DMs, RTs http://www.tweetdeck.com/

Choose your platform
-> "Download now, it's free" Installing TweetDeck Fire up TweetDeck Don't panic!

Will talk through the columns Feed
DMs Columns Settings you'll want to change #1 Notifications
Minimize location Settings you'll want to change #2 Columns...

Lose TweetDeck gumph
#profchat (?) No talking!

Research explanation

#sussextwitter Right, let's chat on Twitter PeerIndex

Can help you gauge range... Online Profiles Go! When you think the presenter is describing you - identify yourself! Take your conversation to @ mentions or your own hashtag
Describe your work.
The other person is going to have to present it, so talk to each other! Questions? Is ultimately meaningless

Quality of conversation

Reach will follow Presentations Metrics 10-15 minutes If you use your Twitter account:

Put it on your profile! Describe your research to your partner(s) But Present and Identify Pair up Take 5 minutes to formulate what you found out into a 30 second presentation Find somebody in the room via Twitter - preferably that you don't know!

If odd number, make a final three
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