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Salt Stack - Miért szeretjük a sót!?

Salt Stack -

Zoltán Vigh

on 28 August 2013

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Transcript of Salt Stack - Miért szeretjük a sót!?

Vigh Zoltán
- Üzemeltetési vezető
Why we love salt?!?
Salt Stack
What is Salt
Relatively new project (3 years old)
Started by Thomas Hatch, now 397 contributors
Written in Python
ZeroMQ as core communication mechanism
Extremely flexible and extensible
Active community
Supported Platforms
RedHat Enterprise Linux
Features Overview
Open 2 ports (pub/sub & reply channel)
Connect to the master
No open ports required
All communications over ZeroMQ (msgpack)
PUB-SUB for master -> minion
REQ-REP for minon -> master
All communication encrypted
256-bit AES
Authentication required
State example
- installed
- running
- require:
- pkg: apache
How to use?
Match all minions:

salt '*'

Match all minions in the domain or any of the example domains:

salt '*'
salt '*.example.*'

Match both web1-prod and web1-devel minions:

salt -E 'web1-(prod|devel)'

Simple lists of minion id's:

salt -L 'web1,web2,web3'

Match all CentOS minions:

salt -G 'os:CentOS'

Match 64-bit CPUs minions, return number of available cores:

salt -G 'cpuarch:x86_64' grains.item num_cpus

Grains can be statically assigned within the minion configuration file. Can also write custom grains (python functions) and sync to minions.
YAML files
Could be Python, but cumbersome
Jinja templates
Starts with top.sls under files_root definition
...because goats are also love it :)
Why do we need this?
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