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Book Report : Spy Cat

No description

Ashley Long

on 2 October 2012

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Transcript of Book Report : Spy Cat

Spy Cat Report by: Ashley Long Theme One theme in this book is don't take what isn't yours. The reason I came to the conclusion of this theme is because the thieves in this book rob several houses and kidnap Benjii, and because of this Pete attacks them. They also get arrested for all the robberies at the end of the story. Another theme in this book is don't risk your own life for things or animals. The reason I came to the conclusion of this theme is in this book Benjii tries to save Pete and figure out where the thieves are taking their stuff and ends up getting kidnapped, when he threatens to call the police on the thieves. Imagery Pete : "Pete is a large brown and white cat." Pete can understand what people say but they cannot understand him. He describes himself as a protector of his house. "I am a watch cat" he says. I saw Pete as a large, fluffy white cat with brown spots. Lizzy : "Lizzy looks like any common tabby, with two shades of brown and black stripes." Lizzy is a tiny kitten that was dropped of in a box at the side of the road that Benjii takes in. " I was disappointed to learn Lizzy could not understand people" said Pete. I imagine Lizzy as a small tabby kitten with tiger like stripes. Lance : Lance is a thief that has robbed many houses. Benjii describes him as " tall with a floppy brown hat, red and black plaid shirt, faded jeans and laced work boots." I saw Lance as a tall man in a plaid button up shirt with light jeans and sturdy boots. Porker : Porker is a thief along with Lance. Benjii describes him as "chunky, with a stubby beard , T-shirt, faded jeans and laced work boots. I imagine Porker as a large man with a short beard with light jeans and sturdy boots. Benjii : Benjii is Alex's little brother. "I do not like the loud noises Benjii makes" says Pete. Benjii always pretends he's a spy. I imagine Benjii as a young kid that is very loud and imaginative. Conflict 1. Thieves rob Alex's friends Rocky and Mary's houses. Mary's possum Pearly is lost when the thieves leave Mary's door open. This conflict is about how the boys and Mary will find Pearly, get her home safe and what to do about the robbery. 2. This conflict is between Pete and one of the thieves over the thieve's lunch that Pete had eaten. Pete climbs into the thieves' van after finding no way to identify them , eats one of the thieves lunches. When the thieves find Pete the one that got his lunch eaten by Pete picks him up, but Pete bites him and tries to escape but fails. 3. Benjii is kidnapped by the thieves while trying to save Pete. The thieves throw Pete into the gravel, while Benjii remains trapped in their van. This conflict is between Benjii and the criminals. The criminals then discuss ways to get rid of Benjii so they can not be connected to any of the robberies. 4. In this conflict Pete is annoyed with human's inability to understand what he is saying to them. Pete tries to show the sheriff, Alex, Mrs.Sanburg and Rocky clues to where Benjiii is but they cannot understand him. He steals Benjii's picture and takes it to where he had written the license plate number in the dirt. 5. Benjii forms a plan to escape the criminals van, he decides to fake sleep until they are both busy lifting the grandfather clock. Then he slips off a sock and sticks it in the glove department, and takes off running. He eventually comes to a washer and dryer outside a storage unit he hides in the dryer hoping he is not found. This conflict is mainly about Benjii formulating and deciding what is the best way to escape and then him actually escaping and not getting captured by the criminals. Summary The book I am writing about is called ' Spy Cat' written by: Peg Kehret. Spy Cat is about Pete the cat who can understand humans but they can not understand him. Pete witnesses a burglary at the neighbor's house he wakes Alex and Rocky just in time to see the van drive away. Benjii Alex's little brother fears that the thieves will come to his house next. He then collects DNA samples from everyone including Pete and Lizzy in case anyone is kidnapped. Lizzy is a kitten that Benjii rescues after seeing her get dropped off in a box. While everyone is away from the house the burglars break into their house. They steal most of the Kendrill's things. Pete witnesses the burglary and sneaks into the thieves van to find something to identify them. After finding nothing to identify them Pete, eats one of their lunches. Porker the man whose lunch Pete ate keeps Pete in the van for eating his food. Pete makes a lot of noise, Benjii hears him and threatens to call the police on the criminals unless they let Pete go. They tell Benjii to get him from the back of the van while he is looking for Pete one man shoves him into the van from behind. Pete fights them, they then throw him into the gravel of the driveway. After throwing out the cat the burglars drive away with Benjii. Summary Continued. Pete tries to tell Mary's grandmother , Mrs. Sandburg what happened but she does not understand him. She reports Benjii missing since he was supposed to come to her house and never arrived. Alex, Rocky and the sheriff arrive. Rocky and Alex go hang up missing posters of Benjii. Meanwhile Benjii tries to save himself by leaving his sock in the glove box of the van and fakes sleep then runs from the criminals and hides in a dryer outside a storage unit. While back at the house Pete jumps the sheriff and takes Benjii's picture to make Alex and Rocky see where Benjii had written the license plate number in the dirt and other clues to Benjii's whereabouts. The criminals search for Benjii and decide to steal the washer and dryer set not knowing Benjii is in there. Benjii then waits until they place him inside their storage unit and then climbs out of the dryer and waits for someone to come by the unit and hear him pound on the door. The sheriff finds him and get him out and use the DNA that Benjii collected from Pete to match to the fur in the thieves van to prove their guilt. They safety return Benjii to his house. The sheriff takes back what he said about Pete being wild, because he looks mellow now, but Pete throws a 'cat fit' and the sheriff says " I was right the first time that cat is wild."
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