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A+ Stay Ahead of your Grade

User Interface Project

Akhilesh Mantripragada

on 5 January 2014

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Transcript of A+ Stay Ahead of your Grade

What is A+?
A+ is an android application that lets users calculate their actual grades, predict hypothetical grades and help students achieve their target grades
User Interface
Results - The Good
Overall good results and positive feedback
Navigation was easy to follow
Buttons were labeled appropriately
Able to find/use the help function easily
Most subjects found the content reliable
This is in regards to the accuracy of the projected grades
Search function was very useful to subjects
Most subjects found it easy to calculate their grade
Main goal with this app
Results - The Bad
Some subjects found it difficult to launch/start the app
Omission Error
May have overlooked the app icon and was just not familiar with the mobile OS
Some subjects found that the interface was a little too minimalistic
Would like to see more explicit buttons
Example would be the add class button or edit button
Some subjects weren't aware of their current grades
This increased the amount of time that the subject had to spend entering their grade information
Stay Ahead of your grade
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