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Peter The Great

No description

Rodrigo Guerra

on 3 November 2014

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Transcript of Peter The Great

-In 1700, he started a war against Sweden
-eventually remodeled army a won
-gained land bordering Baltic Sea

-Built a new city: St. Petersburg
-many serfs died in the construction of the city
-succeeded in his plan that the city would be western style
Russia and Peter The Great
By: Jocelyn, Molly, Zach, and Rodrigo

-Born in 1672 in Moscow
- Took throne at the age of 10 in 1682
- Did not control government until 1689
- At almost 7 feet tall, he was an imposing and intimidating man.
Peter's Journey to European Cities
Improving Russia
Peter the Great's goals
-improved waterways, canals
-developed mining and textile manufacturing
-new trading companies
-created a "senate" to help run country
Spent many hours in the city. He looked for manners, homes, factories, dentist, and more
Peter's Death
1) controlling the church and the nobles
2) Strengthening the military
3) Expanding Russian boarders
4) Centralize royal power
When he returned he brought to Russia Technical experts, soldiers, teachers.
-Night of November of 1724
-Jumps into freezing water, and saves twenty sailors
-1725, Peter dies

Journey to European Cities Cont.
He also took interest in the policy of westernization.
This meant that he accepted Western technology, ideas, and culture.
-Signed a treaty with Qing China that recognized their land North of Manchuria
-Enforced things like boyars had to shave their beards and wear western clothing
Though the people disagreed. So to compromise Peter became an autocratic of Europe's absolute Monarchs, giving him unlimited power.
Early Life
Born on May 2, 1729
German Princess by birth
Birth name was Sophia Augusta Fredericka
Took hold of power at 16

Russia Before Peter
Russia had been untouched
by the Renaissance or Reformation, much less advanced than other European countries It was a "Time of Troubles" for Russia. Peter the Great was the tsar that led Russia to power.
Russia, Austria, and Prussia decide to partition nation of Poland
Poland is wiped off map in 1795
Catherine the Great
Absolute Monarchist
Partition of Poland
Determined to expand Russia's borders
Provincial govt., codified laws,
Catherine the great died of a stroke
Catherine died on November 17, 1796
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