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Auditory Illusions

No description

Matthew Crisp

on 26 March 2013

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Transcript of Auditory Illusions

Auditory Illusions Displacement Beat - Where you tap your foot
Sub-beat - Beats are divided up into these
BPM - Beats Per Minute
Time Signature - The number of beats in a musical phrase
Downbeat - The 'one'
Upbeat - 'Two' (and 'four')
The 'framework' - I'll explain this on the blackboard The basic idea: The idea: This isn't one A few musical things My apologies to any musicians in the audience for this abuse of terminology Two Main Types... Rhythmic Illusions Equivalent to the Necker cube Displacement - The most simple and the most common

Modulation - More complicated and more illusive Fractal Illusions Equivalent to the Penrose staircase What these sound like Since musical patterns repeat, how do we know where the downbeat is? This gives rise to the 'radio effect' Modulation What if a pattern is 12 sub-beats long?
Do I count it in 6? 4? 3? 2? Surprisingly, if any two time signatures are co-prime, it sounds different in each!

But usually one time signature sounds more 'natural' than the rest. Much like the Penrose staircase, pitch can continually rise. Or so it would seem. Even Mario could do it... This is based on something called a 'Shepard' Tone: Fractal Illusions of Pitch Fractal Illusions of Tempo The 'Risset Rhythm' does the same thing with tempo. Further Listening Gavin Harrison

Diana Deutsch

The McGurk Effect

Stereo Illusions

Carly Rae Jepsen - Call Me Maybe Thank you for your time Any questions?
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