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Zara's Marketing & CRM Implementations

No description

Farrah Nasir

on 2 April 2015

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Transcript of Zara's Marketing & CRM Implementations


Amancio Ortega and Rosalia Mera in 1975,

Inditex is a fashion group and the world’s largest apparel retailer

Zara is amongst the largest and most internationalized stores

Zara currently, has 1,751 stores worldwide and incurs an annual revenue of over $9 Billion


They use an uncommon approach of no advertisements
Target segment is not very consumer loyal
Might go for inexpensive
New design collections


More international markets which they can discover
Enter into segments
Increase those regions where they haven’t
Online marketing
E Retailing or selling gains importance


The great end fashion
Economic recession can also be a threat to their target segment
There is a large amount of consumer switching taking place


Demand is increased by the lower expense
Low cost leadership
Competitive advantage
JIT Price
Vertical supply chain
Design to construction


Digital marketing

Around 16 million people as Zara‘s FB page

300 hundred thousand people followed Zara on Twitter,

1000 of people also subscribed to Zara‘s shops on YouTube

Market of the Organization

Lean management

Lean organizational management helps to reduces levels

Decentralizes while making decision.

Limits the industry’s focus on terminated administrative procedures

Market segmentation of Zara

Zara has set its stocks

Zara shows a big role

Essential component


Zara manufactures & designs


'satisfies purchaser' requirements .

Dedicated on people

Consumer with enough money

Never had very high amounts

Consumer Profile

Market aims towards

Modern fashion

Benefits over traditional traders

Do not outline their aim by segmenting ages
CRM objective Formulation

Each year Zara manufactures 11,000 new
products for sale

CRM plays a significant role in shaping
Zara’s policies

CRm is helpful in attracting customers

The data is utilized by Store Managers & Supervisors

Zara only consumes 0.3% of income on advertising & marketing compared to 3-4% on the business.

Objective & Time Plan to Implement CRM Part 1

Zara efficiently gathers information, evidence & statistics regarding its sales

Good & positive relationships with customers

Customers are loyal devoted and make continuous to visits

Use their sales to work out which goods are popular

Data easily to handle with designers

Shows the short turn around before goods hit stores

More high-class, and more required by their customers

WHAT Zara can Evaluate & Monitor by CRM PLAN

CRM in Store

Reports Task Appointments

Life Style Preferred

Store Preferred SA

WHEN Zara can Evaluate & Monitor by CRM PLAN

6.8 billion on connected

Instagram, Facebook, Google, Twitter, etc
400 million tweets

On an average 80% of mobile users check their phone atleast 4 times every hour


Social server, Social tag, Social reactions

CRM ID Recognize user

Create Cookies or Session

Integrate CRM ID with Google Analytics

Track all data through Cross Domain USER

Objective & Time Plan to Implement CRM Part 2

Zara is a fantastic example of CRM utilization

Boosting sales, increasing brand awareness
and generating more profits

Zara has streamlined its customer data collection

Ways improve its products and services

Connect with customers at a more informed level

Zara can also benefit from the features

Service available with CRM software from top providers

1,751 stores
Largest Spanish sellers
Reputed brand
supply chain management is very low cost or amount
Just in Time system (JTS)
New and fashionable

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