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Registration 2012/13

Presentation to staff in June/September 2012

Helene Pirsch

on 1 July 2013

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Transcript of Registration 2012/13

UK full time students apply through UCAS. Others apply through OLAF (OnLine Application Form)
the applicant gets an offer
s/he accepts the offer (through UCAS for Home Full Time students, by email at courseinfo@gre.ac.uk for others)
all conditions must be met
the applicant is fee assessed (home/overseas rate of fees)
all qualifications declared are entered
the record is rolled from applicant to student (UFAA on Banner)
as the applicant record becomes a student record, the system creates a series of data:
loads all personal information from application
creates registration holds (CN/CC, FE, QF, ID)*
loads the programme and courses
loads fees
triggers an invitation to register online sent by email (personal email)
the student record is created
formalises the student's status
Why should students register?
use our IT labs
use our libraries
use Moodle
access to Student Union
to be able to add marks, results, progress decisions
to monitor attendance as students appear on class/programme lists
How do students register?
For on campus students: at their Student Centre
Part 1: Online Registration
29/08/12 - 12/10/12
Students agree to the university's regulations, check all information on record and pay their fees
Part 2: Registration checks
*/09/12 - 19/10/12
for new students only, to show their ID and verify their qualifications and to get a temporary student ID card
For college students: at their college
For Distance Learners: by sending their documents to the Avery Hill Student Centre
No registration for debtors. All previous debt must be cleared to register
paper registration for students:
on short programmes*
studying at particular sites*
with 2 programmes/study path within the same academic year
non registered students are automatically withdrawn during the audit post registration
What happens before registration?
the student application must be fully processed
how can you check where a student is at?
Applicant/student status (will show if a student is ready for registration or still an applicant. If a student, when was the invitation sent, to which email, which stage of online registration was last completed and if any queries are outstanding). This tool will provide which team/telephone number to direct your student to for guidance.
list of students on a programme (with listed holds, no holds = fully registered)
From Bannerweb
From listings sent to the Dean/nominee
Excel file listing all new and continuing students, with programme information, holds, last stage of online registration completed...
sent weekly from late September to early November
Student Helpline:
020 8331 8272
Student Centres
for registration issues, by contacting:
Helene Pirsch, ext 9125
Lesley Wakeman, ext 7896
at the Student Helpline
Late registration and exceptional registration
Registration Handbook on our intranet pages
* more information is available in the Registration handbook available from our intranet pages
to get funding
* more information is available in the Registration handbook available from our intranet pages
From the second week of teaching (01/10/12), new students will be asked to provide a 'Late Registration form' when completing their registration checks at their Student Centre. This to ensure that the student has been in attendance, not missed any crucial teaching and that registration can still be completed

The form is available from our website (www.gre.ac.uk/reg) and must be signed by the tutor or programme leader
* Registration checks open at different dates depending on location. More information is available on our website at www.gre.ac.uk/reg
For your students
for campus based issues, by contacting the Student Centre Heads:

At Avery Hill: Annette Devine
At Greenwich: Jane Bland
At Medway: Lynne Spencer
For you / staff
If a student has a CN, CC, FE, ID or QF hold on the reports, s/he is NOT registered
Late registration
Exceptional registration
Once registration has closed, if a student is not registered, the Dean/nominee can make a case for an exceptional registration at reinstatements@gre.ac.uk. This request may not be granted. If granted, registration is done via forms, not online.
All non registered students are withdrawn from record during the audit that follows the closure of registration, usually mid November.
to get student loans and busaries
to get marks and progression

29 August 2012-
12 October 2012

Continuing students must register by 12/10/12.
New students must complete part 1 of registration by 12/10/12. They then have a further week to show their ID and qualifications to complete part 2 of registration at their college or student centre.
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