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What is an Interactive Student Notebook?


Shawn Saylor

on 6 February 2014

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Transcript of What is an Interactive Student Notebook?

An interactive journal about math (IJAM) is otherwise known as an interactive student notebook.
by: Shawn Saylor
Uh, I think that paper is here somewhere...
The typical middle school student loses their notes and homework...
Maybe I recycled my notes?
is much more than your average notebook!
The IJAM is set up
using left & right sides
"The purpose of the interactive journal is to enable students to be creative, independent thinkers and writers."
Teacher side
Student side
Students can make an
ISN for:


Student side
Teacher side
Wikispaces. (2013). Interactive Student Notebook. Retrieved from http://interactive-notebooks.wikispaces.com/


Social Studies
IJAM should contain the following:
Unit Title Page - title of the unit, and colorful drawing or illustration representing the theme of the unit.
Table of Contents - identifying the material contained in the notebook in chronological order and the page number in your notebook.
Cover - creative design that includes your name, course name, class period, and teacher's name.
Materials - class notes, homework assignments, handouts, foldables, etc...
Color - must be used in an appropriate and educational manner
Evaluation - notebooks should be checked periodically and student who were absent should be held responsible for obtaining missing materials.
any 's
"What is an Interactive Journal About Math?"

"Interactive notebooks are used
for class notes as well as for
other activities where the student
will be asked to express his/her
own ideas and process the
information presented in class"
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